Finally! Ask a Crafter 20!

Well, we are a day late but hopefully not a dollar short! My friend Kathy co-hosted Ask a Crafter with me this week and we gabbed so much that we ran the battery down! That has never happened with this camera before, we winded up with over 2 hours of video, that was a lot of questions! I highly recommend checking out the comments on AAC20 part 1 and AAC20 part 2 to get in on the conversation and read the awesome add-on tips from YOU the viewers. Yeah, interactive craft conversations!

Part two picks up where part 1 left off with Tina’s question “Can you recommend a less expensive glitter pen that is similar to Copic Spica?”

Wow, that was a lot of video! Here are the links I promised, I’m such a good girl!

Refreshing felt pens/watercolor markers:
Portfolio Oil pastel tutorial:
Watercolor Marker Tutorials:
paper bead tutorials:
Wire Wrapped lapmpwork beads:

That’s it from me today, You can leave any questions you have for next week in the comments section of either of the videos and we will answer it next week! Be sure to tune in tomorrow because I have stamps to giveaway! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


18 Responses

  1. Thanks for answering my question about using newspaper in collage. Kathy pronounced my name right, too, which was both amazing and stupendous!


  2. Kathy is so pretty. Why is she hiding? 😉


  3. Love watching you, Lindsay. Have you ever tried to flatten polymer clay (covered with plastic of course) in a Big Shot? My pasta machine must be attached to a table so I never use it. I’m hoping to find a better way to condition the clay.


  4. Hi Lindsay, I enjoy your ask a crafter segments and I have a solution to the problem with the intricate doily die that has worked for me. Place a piece of waxed paper over the die and then place the cardstock, and run it through as normal. The waxed paper forms a barrier and the pieces pop out without having to pick each one separately. Hope that helps.


  5. Ok, it took two days but I was able to watch all of it. So much information, thank you so much. I agree with crafters needing to grab the moments you can to craft rather than waiting for blocks of time. I have taken over my dining room table and having everything out where I can just sit down and create made a huge difference. 🙂


  6. Hi Lindsey.

    Watched your videos all the way through this morning and have a few comments:
    1) Your first video, as well as a few previous ones have been very hard to hear, can you possibly turn your sound up for these my sound is all the way up? Your second part video the sound was great. Hello to
    Kathy but she was also very hard to hear when commenting and reading the questions.

    2) Your videos are watched by a very large number of people and many of them newbies to various crafts. I was very disappointed to hear you say that you wanted to throw your Cherry Lynn doily die
    across the room, how sad. This happens to be one of my most
    favorite companies and I have a ton of doily dies and have no problem cutting them with my Grand Calibur. While, because they are intricate, and may take a few paper shims to cut better, I found with some that if you use a thin metal adapter plate and place your paper on top and your die, face down on your paper, they will cut very well. I dont own any thick metal dies, my machine wont take them but the thin dies come in so many varieties and shapes I cant imagine why you dont like them, and also, they do cut cereal box material as well as felt, I havent
    tried other product. Anyway the owner of Cheery Lynn is an extremely hard working and very nice man and I hate to see any negatives about a company Ive bought from for years and have had no trouble with given. You were even more kind about the trouble you had with your
    Theresa Collins stamp machine.

    Anyway thats my two cents. I do love your videos and watch them all and enjoy learning about other types of crafts and products as well as
    the ones I actually create.

    To the young lady who asked about the quilling strips, Cheery Lynn has a expandable quilling die E168 for $19.95 that cuts three different widths of the quilling strips on the one die if your interested and have a die cutting machine.

    Thanks Lindsey


  7. Hi Lindsay and Kathy, I wanted to say Kathy did a GREAT job with you. Loved her input that added a second interpretation of questions and answers,hope she stays on. I also have a suggestion about work space covering. I have used a large piece of glass from an old frame that broke,I think it was even a yard sale find,very cheap anyway. It has worked great for me for years. I can cut,paint ,stamp and glue and it cleans off very easily. My piece is large enough that it doesn’t slip around but I have some smaller ones to use more portable,that I put little glue dots in each corner to keep it from moving. Works great for me.
    I do have one other question as well.I have tried to find glyserine in walmarts,dollar store and a couple other places but no luck. Can you tell me where to find it and the cheapest please. Thanks ,Barb


  8. What adhesive do you like to use for making cards? I’m having trouble finding something that works well


  9. I LOVE horses! And I would LOVE to win this stamp set! 🙂


  10. Very informative video…but getting used to the “phantom” voice is still a work in progress.


  11. awe, look how perrrrrty Kathy is! Tell her not to be so camera shy next time. 🙂


  12. Hi Guys!

    If Kathy is there for AAC21 I expect to see her tied to a chair next to you. All we girls can basically see is your face anyways! She looked pretty to me.

    Doilie die – I TOTALLY GET IT! It’s NOT that I don’t like them! It’s that they are more work! Thank you for showing how you get your big shot to cut these SUPER thin dies in a later episode! I have some spellbinders that I tried to use around Christmas & half didn’t go thru the paper when I sent it thru once. I GAVE UP & TOSSED THEM IN A BOX NEVER TO BE USED AGAIN … the box of misfit dies. I will try them again. I may need another shim?

    Thank you for the big shot embossing information! That wasn’t even what I was thinking about so you are a real wealth of knowledge. My question is actually this … The embossing folder is small. If I have a 12X12 scrapbook page or 8.5X11 etc what can I do with this little 4X5 embossed piece of paper? Can you show or explain a few ways this small embossed piece of paper can be incorporated into a larger multimedia project.

    Lamp work beads, I’ve heard of these. Can you show us a comparison of beads or explain the difference and the different uses of each type of bead?

    ClosetMaid cubes storage at Target? I’ve had that on my wish list forever but not for the use you have but I LOVE your idea!! Thank you!

    I like the latest episodes where you show how to use things. They are quick & informative!

    I can’t wait for the next AAC!

    Thank you! I love your videos!


    • I will get to the other questions on AAC but I have a video on embossing without a machine: so you can emboss the entire sheet of paper, you will end up with a little bit in the center that you cannot reach but you can put a photo there:) you will need a rolling pin or heavy soup can and a sprat bottle of water to do this:)


  13. I think sometime in the past you did a video on how to repair a stamp pad that the ink pad part has lifted off from the case. I sure wish I could find it. I need to repair a few of mine but don’t remember how.
    Thanks for all your videos plus great tips and tricks.


  14. Hi Lindsay…love your video’s….anywho, this is off topic, but….lol…I have been searching back on your previous video’s, where I heard you mention the name of your camera, and couldn’t find it….I remembered you talking about the PAUSE BUTTON…I NEED THIS FEATURE, and, you are able to get more than 29 minutes per video…YOWZERS, how is that possible! ..( for us, and you ) haha…Every time I have to stop my video to answer the phone, etc. I press the stop button, and I have to begin AGAIN…sooo frustrating! I have searched, and searched…Please put me out of my misery, and share your camera name, and specs, just briefly. I would be ever so grateful…..Probably a thousand other people that can’t edit, like myself…lol, would be thrilled to find a PAUSE BUTTON CAMERA, WITH MORE THAN A 29 MINUTE WINDOW OF GABBING TIME, I mean crafting time! After calling numerous camera stores, to find a PAUSE BUTTON CAMERA, they are saying there isn’t such a thing!!! I know that there is, YOU HAVE ONE…LOL…LOL….I realize this is lengthy, but, you have the very camera I’m needing…PAUSE BUTTON, and all!….Have I mentioned a PAUSE BUTTON???…lol…lol thanks ever so much!😀


    • It is a Samsung H90 and it goes on sale for $150 at best buy but someone told me they sell it at walmart for $119, hey I just checked and they do! I really like this camera, I checked a ;lot of reviews and honestly they were not great but I liked the pause record feature. The microphone on board works great too but some people complained that it picks up a lot of wind when used outside but that is not a factor for me. It is the only camera I have seen with a pause feature and you can upload directly to youtube wit it:) It comes with basic editing software too:)


      • I’m so pleased that you did the leg work for me….lol..I have the same syndrome as you say you have at times….LCS…lazycraftyitussyndrome…oh, it’s real alright…I caught it one day in my craft room, and I’ve never been cured of it since!….lol…you’re the best…cough, cough…haha…thanks my friend!


  15. I’ve just now gotten a chance to watch these two episodes of AAC, so you might have already dealt with this. I really enjoyed having Kathy join you and wanted to hear her input, but so often couldn’t. The audio level between the two of you was significant too many times and I had a hard time hearing her. I know she didn’t want to be on camera, but hopefully ya’ll can get this worked out. As always, thanks for all the info you provide; I love finding out about products I haven’t tried yet.


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