Faux Metal Mania! {got cardboard?}

Howdy friends! I spent most of today with sticks and twine and vinyl preparing for a cub scout project this weekend, the boys are earning their craftsman weblo pin and we are making badge and belt loop display boards to commemorate their years of cub scouting before they cross over to boy scouts. My friend Kathy J had the idea so to give the den leader a hand we decided to prepare the craft. I wish I snapped a photo of the prototype since this is a blog after all with photo capability LOL! Oh well, I’ll get a pic this weekend I guess:)  The other day I was playing in my studio with cardboard and hot glue and came up with two ways to make faux metal, first up pewter/silver:

And now grungy gold.

Try these techniques with the metallic paints you have in your stash, remember to use warm colors and browns in your warm metals like gold, bronze, copper or brass and blacks and greys in your silvers and cool metals. Have fun with it! Oh hot glue, is there anything you can not do? thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Faux Metal Mania! {got cardboard?}

  1. Wow Lindsay, not sure if this isn’t the best tutorial you’ve ever done! It’s awesome. As you say, so like PMC in appearance, and much cheaper and more convenient to do. This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Off to comment on your Youtube channel too!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Shoshi x


  2. Thanks soooo very much for a couple of really awesome tutorialvideos here. This is also something, I´ve wished to learn for a long time, as I´ve seen many make such awesome and cool cards and albums and stuff with that look, but never knew, how to getr this look, so this is definitely on my to do list here now too. Cool technique, Thanks sooo much.


  3. Thanks to you I have scads of extra cardboard. You should see people look at the cereal boxes and saying ” What are you doing with that? I think my son thinks I’m nuts! lol


  4. Thanks for your nice comment, Lindsay – I am hoping to cover each stage of the album, but not video it all as it would take too long!! I shall do a video of the finished album (probably in the next century lol!). This is the first one I’ve done so it’s a learning curve.

    I really, really like what you are doing with your cardboard and hot glue! This is sooo definitely something I want to try. I am another non-thrower-out of cereal packets!



  5. So clever Lindsay, love it! And kid friendly too, I like that. Have you seen the new “ARM Knitting”? I just watched a video on it and immediately thought of you. here is the link. ~Diane


  6. These are neat. I’m thinking heart shapes, in pinks and sparkles…for valentines day…and maybe wings too…using the technique you showed us here. Oh what fun…


  7. If you have a Big shot or similar machine! you can use it to cut out your shapes. You can even use aluminum cans. It cuts through like butter. Cut your shape and then emboss with a folder. It’s fantastic! I used a brush sealer after embossing and painting on the aluminum and it covered the sharp edges. It almost felt like plastic to the touch.


  8. Next time I will watch both videos before I comment.😳. Should have guessed you’d already done it. But I absolutely love watching your videos! Thanks for all the great things you share with us!


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