Ask a Crafter 19! I’m flying solo!

Hello friends. Well, Lorraine flew south this week so despite our best attempts (thwarted by Mother Nature) I had to host this episode alone. I did get to all the questions though! If you have a question for next weeks episode please leave it in the comments section of the Ask a Crafter 19 video. I am trying to streamline things in my busy bloggy life and that way I won’tr miss any (I hope!). Without further ado, here is this weeks Ask a Crafter!

I hope you enjoyed it and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Lindsay you are a hoot, I laugh at or with you every time lol. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the creamer containers, one more question for you does Mod Podge adhere well to plastic???? Never tried it on a non porous surface?


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I have been trying to get to the Lost Coast Design web site but have ran into a problem. Every time I click on their link or even do a google search I get a “MALWARE WARNING” Have you had this problem? Have they moved their web site? Thanks for any help you can give on this matter.

    I so love your ideas and the inspiration. At times I wish work and life didn’t get in the way of crafting. I have gotten more into crafting since I have been watching you. My daughter who is 29 also comes over every other week and will get inspired after watching a few of your weblogs. Thanks for being so crafty and willing to share with the world.

    Kelly Phillips


    • Hi Kelly,
      Please try back in a day, there is nothing wrong with the site but there is a phrase in the code that triggers something in google that makes the warning appear, the owner sent an error report to google so the malware warning will go away soon. I’m not sure why this happens to some sites, it is so frustrating, I get the same warning when ever I go to Splitcoast stampers from my desktop, it is a google thing. The website will not hurt your computer the owner assures me. Happy shopping!


  3. Hey Lindsay, I have a question about stencil paste. I have a couple small jars of colored paste that seems to have dried up. Is there a way to remoist(?) them or are they trash now. Do you have a good way to store them so they don’t dry up? Thanks Barb


  4. Lindsey there is nothing left to say that others haven’t said already. You are a very talented fun loving teachers and I am so glad I found your channel. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  5. Another successful Watch A Crafter video….great job Lindsay! TFS!


  6. All of your posts are so helpful! Could you spend some time talking about the life span of old newspapers and magazine pages in collage? They’re not acid free, so that decreases how long they will last. I bought an expensive spray to decrease the acidity of the paper, but as I understand it, it doesn’t eliminate the acid from the paper. The spray also leaves a white film on the paper. Will Mod Podge or other sealants extend the life of newspaper or magazine pages? Do I need to frame finished collages under special glass? (I’d prefer not to use glass on collages at all.) If I choose to sell finished pieces, should I provide any special information to the buyer, such as that the artwork may not last many years, that it may fade, that they should keep it out of direct sunlight?
    Connie Oswald Stofko


  7. I just discovered that Stampendous has a Gelli plate they are calling “The Creative Palette”. Will you do a video on it and tell us what difference you find between the two of them. I think there is a size difference and maybe a texture difference but it would be fun to see what you find.


  8. Love your daily Blog! Getting so many ideas and no time to do them all. I do need help on etching glass. I have done it before with contact paper for basic, easy designs but I want to etch wine glasses with snowflakes and other intricate designs. Is there a medium that I can use with my rubber stamps, stamp the glass and then etch over. and then rub off or peel the medium off?


  9. What do you use to protect your table from water, paints, etc, such as I see when you do a watercolor or doing the calligraphy? It looks like a grid of some sort or what else do you recommend?


    • haha! protect?!? it is an old door on a set of bookcases, let the paint fall where it may! I’ll give you the scoop next AAC!


  10. hello! I hope you and your family are well and warm! I just wanted to ask if you have seen the gentleman who does stampscapes. He has videos on youtube. He speaks very monotone but his work is beautiful! He makes scenes and uses a tool from clearsnap (I think) to blend his colors. I purchased one of his stampscape scenes and am practicing! Take care!


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