Let’s Make Paper Drums!

Hello friends! What a busy week! For those of you expecting an Ask a Crafter episode it will be posted tomorrow or you can catch it shortly on my YouTube channel. Every month I teach a craft class for children at my local library. I really enjoy the January craft as we celebrate Chinese New Year, it is fun to work up a project for each years zodiac sign, 2014 is year of the horse. check out the fun paper drums I made:

DCF 1.0

I used supplies from Papermart, stamps from About Art Accents and a few general crafting supplies to make these, watch the video to see how:

As I mentioned in the video I like to choose supplies from Papermart that can be used for many crafts because they come in generous amounts. The rat-tail cord is beautiful in my handmade jewelry, top quality really, but it is cheap enough that I can use it for kids crafts too. The gold paper doilies add glitz and ribbon and raffia can be used for nearly every craft if bought in generic themes and colors. I hope you try this craft with your children or grandchildren. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. That really is a great kid project. What kind of paper did you use for the stamps?


    • white cardstock:)


      • Well, dah! When I went back to your video, you indeed said you used white card stock. I asked because when I watched the demo at the Local King booth at a fair, she said you had to use the specially coated glossy paper for that technique. I don’t think my try on card stock turned out as good as your. Thanks for answering and I love all your hints, demos and creativity. Keep up the good work.


      • Gigi, if you spritz the stamp with water it helps the colors blend:)


  2. I’m not a kid and I love this. The beads are gorgeous. As are the stamped designs–the whole project in fact.

    I’ve been looking for a house to buy for some time now and a girlfriend suggested making this the ‘year of the house’. Not long after I saw that Chinese New Year was this month and is ‘year of the horse’. Only one letter different between house and horse. Got a kick out of that.

    Hot glue is awesome. I save money on foam tape and pop dots by cutting squares of cardboard from boxes that would be trashed and hot gluing them to anything I want to lift on a project. You can adjust the height by stacking the cardboard squares. And for larger items you can cut large pieces and cover most of the back of the item. Because the cardboard is free you can go wild lifting everything.

    I cut smallish squares–the size you’d buy–and keep them on hand on my work table. And my hot glue gun is always ready as well.

    One more thing–your tip about attaching the hot glue stand to the glue gun to keep it falling over gave me a brilliant idea.

    My glue gun doesn’t have a stand–so here’s what I came up with: I hot glued the bottom of a small match box to the handle base of my mini glue gun. Now it stands up perfectly and no falling over because of the wider base. And the small box does not interfere with using the glue gun.

    Thanks for all your inspiration and tips on saving money when crafting!!


    • Thanks for your comment Cathy, I love the tip about the cardboard as I am a regular recycle bin shopper myself:) If you enjoy Asian themed stamping I recommend you join the Oriental Stamp Art Yahoo group, it is the only email group I still belong too and it is so much fun with a weekly layout and tip challenge and your tips would be so nice for the group! If you request to join just tell them Lindsay sent you:)


  3. Loving this fun craft- I have a daughter in China- visiting her soon, so maybe I will make a couple to take with me : ) Thanks for always being a fab source of inspiration and information! Stay warm : )


  4. Marvelous Darling! Simply Marvelous!!!! 🙂 You Rock the mostest! 🙂


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