It’s a Circus in here!

Howdy friends! I have been digging through old supplies and putting my colored pencils back in the tins they came in rather than the racks I have been storing them in. I miss having them portable, especially in this cold weather when I’d rather curl up by the fire and color instead of being downstairs. What started this new storage project was coloring with a new set of 12 Derwent Coloursoft pencils:

DCF 1.0

I forgot how much i loved playing with regular old waxy colored pencils, the thing I like most is that they are semi opaque and really stand out on colored paper. Watch the video to see what I mean!

So after playing with that small tin of pencils I decided that ALL of my pencils and crayons need to be portable…that is until I decide I need them all out again, it’s madness I tell you. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

16 Responses

  1. Loved the tutorial and the card Lindsay!!! TFS and stay warm!


  2. whether you are 6 or 60, there is nothing better on a cold afternoon than to curl up on the couch and color! Thanks for reminding me.


  3. Hope you are all staying warm. Love the card its adorable and would be a great card for one of my Grandbabies


  4. I had no idea colored pencils are semi-opaque and can be used on colored paper…love it…and I love this card, especially the colored pencil work.


  5. Oh man, hope everyone and everything (to include the chickens) make it thru all of the crazy weather your area of the US is having! Love the video and for reminding me that coloring isn’t just for the kids. PS I love Blondie too!


  6. Oh I just loved your card here, and it was such a great video. I love how you showed we could still make a beautiful look, even with a small amount of pencils.


  7. Loved the video. Like all of yours, in spite of rocky weather you are always so positive. My pencils never left the tin.


  8. Thanks for the tips, Lindsay…and the cute card! Can you tell me if there is any type of paper you prefer to use with the wax pencils?

    As always, thanks for all you do!



    • I like slightly textured cardstock, that said you can use any strong paper, a rule of thumb is the more texture (aka tooth) the more color it can hold:)


      • Thanks Lindsay. I was using water color paper and that seemed to have too much texture for the wax. I tried smoother paper but the blending was difficult. I’ll see if I can find something in between.

        Thanks again!


  9. Great card Lindsay, Happy New Year! ~Diane


  10. I bought six small plastic squares from the dollar store which just fit into a shoebox (that still needs to be decorated) with a small space left over for my bottle of gamsol. Then I divided all my coloured pencils (mostly Prismacolor and a few Crayola) into six colour groups and put each group into a container. Then it sits on my shelf so I can just grab it and use it at my table in the “lower studio” (aka the basement) but when it’s too cold down there, its easy to take upstairs. I usually have many images stamped and ready to colour so it works well for me. I didn’t know I could stamp and colour on coloured paper though so I will be trying that next.


  11. I love this card — the bright, happy colours, the composition, the colouring. It’s awesome! Makes you feel like going to the circus.


  12. Hello Lindsay, has 72 ct. inktense pencils for $69.99, free shipping. Just bought them. Thought your subscribers would also be interested.


  13. Just saw this. Cute cards. I’ve really been enjoying your tutorials!


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