Let’s Paint Orchids! {a free video tutorial & one for sale!}

Howdy friends! Well, here we are again, another snow day…er, make that rain day! It poured buckets today, it was crazy, I am so glad that we did not lose power today or my studio would have been underwater for sure. I always said I wanted an indoor pool LOL! Oh well, the kids had a good day lazing around playing with Christmas toys and I got a new tutorial in my shop! First I am going to share a free easy orchid sketch you can paint in watercolor pencils then I will show you my tutorial for sale if you want to improve your painting:

Here is the PDF tutorial available in my shop, it is watercolor paint and you will learn a lot of techniques while painting this easy orchid watercolor painting. You get a printable pattern to trace on your watercolor paper with the kit so it takes the guesswork out of drawing and you can get right to the painting! And, hey, it’s only $3. 😀

Learn to Paint Orchid Flowers Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed the free painting video and might consider one of my many painting tutorials for sale at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. Wow, I couldn’t wait for that one to go on sale, I need it now! I love your tutorials and orchids are one of my favorite flowers. I got your orchid digital stamp to trace and paint, but I love this tutorial even more.

    Your sister is right about how easy orchids are to grow. The reason some companies tell you to put an ice cube on the root ball is because it melts slowly so the roots can absorb the moisture, and too many people over water them. They can take a year between blooming times so you have to be patient with them. We keep our plants in a shaded south window, water sparsely once a week and let them do their thing. For constant blooms I surround them with a few African violets.


    • thanks for the purchase Pat! Have fun painting, it is a really easy tutorial and any watercolor paper is fine for it, I did not like the the paper I used but thought, hey, this means it will work well with even the cheapest paper too! Happy painting!


  2. I’ve never grown an orchid – too fussy for me. I like sturdy “hey you forgot to water me so I’m turning into a cactus to survive” type of indoor plant…outdoor plants I have no problem tending too. Love your tutorial though and I liked the second card the best too.
    No rain here in Ontario – with the wind chill they are predicting -40F tonight and I can hear the wind howling as I’m typing.


  3. Love your tutorial. What pencils were you using to draw your design and color with?


    • you can use any watercolor pencils but I was using some Aquatones from Derwent and one or two Aquamonolith from Creatacolor.


  4. Woo Hoo! Doing my happy dance!
    I just downloaded the tutorial! Thanks a million!


  5. Love, love your watercolor demos!! How about a hydrangea flower with leaves??? Would love to see how you would paint them. You have become my new BFF! I so look forward to see what you have left in my mailbox every day!! Many thanks!!!


  6. Wow! Love orchids; love shades and tints of pink; love this.


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