A Wildly Creative Day!

Howdy friends! I spent the day in my studio, it was lovely and not once did I think of my van with the dead battery sitting in my driveway LOL! I was a creative machine today, I played with colored pencils, filmed 3 new videos (you can see them on my Youtube channel) and finished knitting a pair of very ugly mittens. Well, maybe they are not that ugly, the yarn was beautiful, the pattern was lovely so the wild card in that equation was me. I’m hoping they look better in the morning, if not there will be a rigorous session of steam blocking and embellishing, either way there is a new thick and toasty pair for the mitten drawer regardless of their looks LOL! Tonight I am going to share one of the videos I filmed today, freehand sketching on a book page with colored pencils, have a look and follow along!

As I mentioned in the video I used Prismacolor pencils (my favorite) but you can really use whatever kind you (or your kids) have on hand. If you are looking for an inexpensive brand of pencils I recommend Prang and they are widely available. Have a great night folks and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Can u tell me where to find large sea shell embossing folder. I once recieved a beautiful embossed, pink & white single shell–gift from husband recently deceased; lost it in moving, break-up etc but would like to create another for our children.

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  2. Gorgeous! I have been wanting to make an art journal out of an old book and love the idea for decorating pages.


  3. That was fun to watch you create…TFS! YES, I would like to see you do a video with stamping and colored pencils!
    Stay Warm!!!!


  4. I love the flower with the print background. That’s a neat idea. Thanks for doing the “show and tell”. You are so good at it.


  5. that was fabulous, what a great idea! I am never going to get my sewing done!! just wanted to know your thoughts and ideas on using fabric on cards? I have cut some fabric with pinking shears to make some flowers, but that is as far as I have got. Too many mediums? lol!
    chickens always go off the lay in winter – not enough daylight. thanks Lindsay, keep the cheery videos coming!


  6. Absolutely love this!


  7. Thank you for all the videos of late, with below zero temp and wind chills so bad we only go out for emergencies, having some new inspiration is GREATLY appreciated!! Smiles, Ruth


  8. Wow this is gorgeous Lindsay! I feel like I’ve missed so much, just got bogged down a bit, hope to keep up with you now. Off to a great new year I see. ~Diane


  9. Lovely idea as ever…I tried it and it worked out much to my delight!
    Yes don’t worry about the chickens they are just using all of their energy to keep warm never mind trying to lay an egg…if you have one egg it has to be a wonderful bonus!


  10. Yes, yes, yes to a video with stamping and colored pencils. My drawing skills are pitiful, but I can stamp.


  11. Hi Lindsey, thanks for the great inspiration, I love your videos.
    Here is a link to a card I made using this technique. http://elseadesigns.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/a-poppy-thank-you.html
    I cheated a bit as I used a stamp, my drawing is a bit naff!
    Thanks again, Lorry :o) xx


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