Stamp Winners & a New Tutorial!

Howdy folks! Last week I hosted a giveaway from the generous and fabulous About Art Accents and we had so many people enter the first night, and with it being Christmas ans all, the owner said I could pick two winners! Yay! and (drum-roll please) here they are! Kim Ferguson and Jackie P! Congrats ladies, you have some fabulous surprise stamps coming your way! Be sure to check your email for details! Speaking of great stamps, check out this chickadee stamp from About Art Accents, it is part of the 50 state birds & flowers collection:

DCF 1.0

I think though, after the weather we have had in Maine this week I should have given my tree some snow and icy glitter! BTW BIG THANKS to all of the road crews, tree cutters and linemen (and women) who worked tirelessly through the holiday from as far south as Rhode Island to get the power back on in Maine, we would still be in the dark if it wasn’t for you! Sorry about that brief aside, I’m just feeling grateful to have electricity 😀 Anyway, here is the tutorial:

I hope you got enough tips and techniques there to make it worth watching a 20 minute video. Here is a look at the cards close up.

DCF 1.0


  1. Make an envelope (I use the Kreate-a-lope) and use the scraps to decorate you card!
  2. Speaking of scraps save them in files sorted by color, that way you won’t need to cut into a full sheet of cardstock for paper piecing or when you just need a bit of a color. Plus you get interesting pattern and color combos when scraps mix and mingle!
  3. Speaking of paper piecing, take a look at your punches, what else can you make from the tired old shapes, my notched circle punch became a pine-cone, a balloon can become an Easter egg, dig out the old tools and use them in a new way!
  4. Switch out scissors for a craft knife and ruler, you will be surprise how quickly you can cut smooth banners and even mats, your die cutter will get lonely!
  5. Before you run to the store to buy the latest and greatest think about the tools and supplies you already have and see if you can duplicate it! Creativity is a muscle, use it or lose it! I think we can all enjoy that workout, am I right?

Thanks to About Art Accents for letting me pick two stamp winners this month and thanks to you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

24 thoughts on “Stamp Winners & a New Tutorial!

  1. Thank you About Art Accents and Lindsay! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the stamps, it will be like an extended Christmas. Happy New Year, I look forward to seeing what you have for us in 2014!


  2. I “liked” this on youtube and pinned it on Pinterest. Love the whole card, especially love the pine cone/branch/tassel. AND–20 mins seems short to me, cause you know–time flies when you are having fun and you are a lot of fun to watch and your creations are always a pleasure and inspire me. TFS!!!


  3. great card………has a vintage Golden Pond feeling to it……

    I do worry about your exacto knife…….as you flutter on your work surface. How ’bout a wine cork on the end of it….?



  4. I love your videos but when I get an email from you and try to open it from my iPad to watch it I cannot get it. I go to YouTube to try to find it and it is not there. Do you perhaps have a solution to this problem. Thank you so much. Angela


  5. Another great card! I need to find my bird stamps–they are buried somewhere in my craft room. Did you say you are going to redo your craft area in Jan.? I have too much stuff in my craft room to be able to get to everything! It is the only available place in my house so I am stuck with it, and I love every little scrap of paper, fabric, and yarn in it!


  6. Oh my God!! The Frugal Crafter is also a Maineniac, too!! Wow small world! I’m so numb, I only caught on when you mentioned the power possibly going off during a tutorial. I have so many questions on where to get supplies at the best price, locally. I attend a bi-weekly art class from a local Portland area provider of MH services. It’s free, for those who qualify and does two monthly projects, but you can work on anything while there. I think you would be amazed at the things we accomplish. I’d “SO” love to know about craft fairs in the area. Some people in our class went to a December craft fair in Westbrook, but were a little disappointed. It’s so funny, our teacher, was thinking about having one of our upcoming project be soap making and I found your tutorial on embossed soaps! I was planning on showing her your video on Friday.
    I have a very limted monthly budget and every day my wish list grows bigger and bigger. I really want to get the RIGHT supplies and at the best price. I would LOVE to know if it’s OK to ask you some questions!

    Questions like: Do I go for a set of watercolor brushes or a watercolor brush, first? Which set is the best to get? Which watercolor brush do I get? I need to get WC card stock next month, and LOTS of it, what is the one I should get? Thinking about getting WC pencils vs. gelato’s? Which one of each medium is the best value? Which brand works the best? Sorry this is so long. If you can Help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated! Please e-mail me if you can. Do you have a page on Facebook?


    1. I’m not too familar with Portland, do you have a Blick there? If so sign up for the email newsletter because they have 40% off coupons sometimes also Micheals, ACmoore and Joanns have 40% off coupons on their websites all the time, it is a great way to buy brush sets, paper pads and any other items they carry. I’d buy a variety set of Aqualons for watercolor brushes and you can get a decent pad of watercolor paper in the Strathmore 400 series or Canson Montville line. Check the local shops you have access to and find the best price, also check out Mardens when ever you get the chance because you never know, I have got steals of deals there!


  7. Nice card and great video. I have a crate full of scraps too and thought I was the only one who saved those little pieces. They come in so handy for embellishments. I really like your pine cone. I haven’t bought the die for making them because of mailing costs but your version I will do.


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