This post is for your spouse {or boyfriend, girlfriend, kids etc…}

Hello friends! I spent most of the day wrapping and sorting gifts and listing to Christmas music, I’m not much or a country music fan but I could listen to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton sing Christmas tunes all day! I finished up needing to only buy one gift card, of course it is for a man, is it just me or are men just hard to buy for? Maybe it’s because I am a girl. So with that in mind I am writing this post to offer advice to people shopping for crafters and artists this holiday. First off let me say that there is nothing wrong with getting your loved one a gift certificate to their favorite art supply or craft store, that way they can get what they want and use a coupon or wait for a sale. By choosing a craft store gift card you are saying “I love you and support your artistic endeavors but haven’t a clue what you have or want.” I asked some of my YouTube viewers what they were hoping to get for Christmas and they had great ideas which I will share with you in today’s video:

If you want more ideas be sure to look at the comments on the YouTube watch page as viewers had some super ideas.

What if you are broke?

I know how cash strapped young families are during the holidays, why not make a coupon book with coupons for: 2 hours of uninterrupted craft time (for instance dad takes the young children out to visit grandma so mom can scrapbook at home in the quiet, or maybe you offer to babysit for your best friend so she can have some “me” time) or a trip to the craft store (dad stays home with kids so mom can collect her sanity while browsing the local Joanns) I’m telling you, when my babies were small that was the perfect gift! If you are handy, making a shelf or cabinet where your crafter can coral her supplies so they are useful would be a wonderful gift or maybe clearing out part of a spare room or cellar for her to have a place to create. These need not be expensive gifts to be the most useful and best loved. It is more than the gift, it is showing that you value and respect her (or him) and those are two thing you cant buy. Whatever you choose to do for your creative friend or spouse I’m sure it will be fantastic! If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment, we can all help one another! Thanks for taking time out of your bust holiday to drop by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “This post is for your spouse {or boyfriend, girlfriend, kids etc…}

  1. Great video! Since my craft corner is in the living room, best idea from my hubby would be to turn the blasted TV off while he’s up so some quiet craft time – hubby may be slightly deaf however I’m not. Pretty sure I’m not the only one with this issue.


      1. Perfect solution….you get him a ‘marriage saver’ (what I call it)…that’s an infrared cordless receiver. Comes in two parts – one part plugs into your TV, and the other part is a small cordless receiver that you plug ear phones in so the sound level can be controlled up or down for the ear phones, but the sound on the TV is turned down or off. As I said, a PERFECT solution…..and better TV sound too for the person wearing the ear phones.


  2. Wonderful suggestions for those who are cash strapped–I well remember back in the day when my babies were small and money was tight. A gift need not be expensive to be priceless. And a hard candy Christmas is as much a state of mind as anything.

    My rule of thumb when spending on gifts is to spend less versus more. Why? Calculate the odds: I figure when I give a gift, they’ll love it or not. Better to risk less, that way if they hate it you didn’t waste much money–and if they love it–you didn’t spend much money…it’s a win win for you either way. The exception would be if you knew in advance what the person specifically wanted—that removes the risk for you of wasting your money.

    And yes–I find it quite difficult to buy for a man unless he has a specific hobby or interest.

    Merry Christmas–I hope you get wonderful gifts that delight you and that you and yours have a lovely family holiday.


  3. I love your suggestions. I think these gifts are never forgotten because they truly are from the heart, not the wallet. Happy holidays!


  4. Headsets are the greatest idea. Two years ago I bought these for my brother, brother-in-law and nephew for Christmas and they loved them and so did all the girl partners 🙂 I even get thanks from the gals, of course, to this day. It also allows parents to watch a late movie while the kids are sleeping without waking them.


  5. I have another idea : stamps !!!
    I would love to have much more stamps !! Any size and any kind, because I am a beginner in this and and don’t much yet.
    I am sure that many crafters would love that too.
    Merry Christmas to all !!


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