Easy & Quick Gift Card Wrap!

T’was the weekend before Christmas and all though the house, every last minute shopper was feeling like a louse…. Never fear, Lindsay to the rescue! Head down to the corner store and grab a gift card, convenience stores now sell gift cards to almost everywhere from toy stores to department store or you can even buy a gas card, who wouldn’t want that? If you have not found and made the perfect gift by now buy a gift card, that way you won’t end up settling for a sub-par gift that will just collect dust.  Plus, look at the upside, you can get a gift card for a friend to their favorite shop or restaurant, they might not often treat themselves to a meal or purchase there otherwise so that is a great idea (especially if they are broke after the holiday) your practical  family member might like the gas card or grocery store card, you can’t go wrong, everyone has to eat! So now that you have decided to let go of the gift card guilt here is a quick and easy way to wrap them AND you get to make a bit of their gift too! The supplies I used are from Papermart.

Hey, and if you have no time to get to the store you can just put a bit of cash in the envelope, no one will mind:)


6″ round paper doilies

Baker’s Twine

Hook and Loop tape (only $2.39 for 10 yards!, not Velcro brand though)

Other: scrapbook paper, glue stick, hot glue, hole punch, scissors, circle cutter (optional)

If you are looking for more last minute Christmas gift ideas be sure to check out my YouTube Channel! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Easy & Quick Gift Card Wrap!

  1. How beautiful is that!!! I was looking for an idea for a gift card for my son….just a tad too feminine for him but will keep on searching!! LOL!! You can also get Mastercard gift cards which is good everywhere if you don’t know which one to get for your ‘gift’ ie movie – books – spa etc Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Lord love you, girl!!! I just watched your rice bag sewing video. You and I have the same sewing machine!!!! Didn’t think there would still be another one out there like mine. You are way too young to have something of that vintage but don’t you just love the sturdiness and simplicity of it. You are so precious. Thanks for being a bright star in my life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  3. Only Lindsey could make making gift card holders fun! Merry Christmas sweet lady, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in 2014!


    1. hahaha! I was eyeballing the selection at the gas station when I went to pick up Pizza tonight, just in case I am light on gifts (I won’t really know until I finish wrapping!) At least my gift card holders are done LOL!


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