If you are on my Christmas card list Look away now!

OK,  I’d love you all to think that I am a super organized crafter who makes her cards months in advance and mails them the day after Thanksgiving but I can not tell a lie, these where whipped up with help of my kids and my husband last night at the kitchen table.

DCF 1.0

It was a sight to behold, my daughters, my husband and me all making envelopes with the kreate-a-lope (I used up a good portion of old hoarded paper) until I was sure we had a sufficient amount. Then the girls went to bed and hubby cut the swivel cards out, my son cut tinsel strands and I manned the glue gun embellishing like the wind! The envelope and card templates I used are by Green Sneakers and they have free shipping to US customers with code: USfs2 or $10 off everyone outside of the states with code: OV10 on orders of $25 or more! The sale runs through Dec 15th. Tell them Lindsay sent you:) The cards are A2 size (4.25″x5.5″) and here is how they are made:

Seems quick huh? Oddly enough it took longer than I thought it would, we started making envies at 7pm and it was 10 as I glued the last bits of paper strip scraps on crookedly I might add.  That was with my husband working diligently to get cards done. Now all we have to do is sign and mail them (hopefully tomorrow.) I know I will need to do another panic batch or cards because I always seem to need more for friends and neighbors but I will keep them simpler because making 60 of anything takes time even with your husband wrapping tinsel around cards and folding holly leaf die cuts so they have the perfect crease. I love that man of mine! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!