DIY Paper Ball Ornaments!

Howdy folks! Why does it seem like time speeds up after Thanksgiving? Is it just me? I spent most of the day picking away at card elements for my mass produced handmade Christmas cards and I think I may have developed carpel tunnel syndrome from stamping and punching…stamper tunnel syndrome…huh, I think I just coined a new phrase LOL! Well, if you have to oomph to punch some papers into circles you can make these cute ornaments:

DCF 1.0

They would be cute on the tree or decorating a gift. Here’s how to make them. The paper is by Oriental Trading Company.

Edited to Add:

Oriental Trading Co. is offering free shipping on any order December 9 & 10!  Free Shipping on Any Order PLUS a $10 eGift card with orders of $59 or more. Starts:  Midnight December 9 Expires:  11:59pm, December 10  with Coupon Code: FW50FS 

One word of caution, don’t use the glue gun when you are sleepy. Friends don’t let friends glue tired. Wow, that didn’t even make sense, I am way to tired to be blogging tonight ha ha ha! Well, thanks for stopping by and til next time (when I am perkier) happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. You’ve got stamper tunnel syndrome, I’ve got fussy cut triggered thumb from making Christmas cards! HA!


  2. I just put up the tree over the weekend, but didn’t have time to decorate. I’m in need of some hand crafted decorations, so I think I’ll give these a try. Thanks Lindsay!


  3. Great ornaments Lindsay….TFS!


  4. I’m not good at glue guns when I’m not sleepy either. I have strings in my hair.


  5. I thought these would be hard to make but with a circle punch and a glue gun they are a cinch. TFS. Going on my ‘to do’ list. Feeling the pressure here to catch up to Christmas too–15 days until it’s here!! Hard to believe.


  6. I made some of these years ago – before I had a circle die or punch of any kind. I had to hand cut the circles which were not always circles when I finished. I still have one hanging up in my lower studio just to remind me not to make any more!!!


  7. In reply to the comment you left on my blog – yes, a casserole cover wraps a hot casserole dish to keep it hot while being carried to a potluck. The ones I made are my own design…..I hate following patterns.


  8. Good tip ! I never know what to do with my scraps and I do have a lot just as you I’m sure !


  9. This was so fun to make! Quick and instant satisfaction – just what a crafter needs during this holiday season!!


    • thanks Lala! Hey, I tried to comment on your beautiful tag on your blog but nothing happened when I clicked the comment button, anyway, I hope your girl scouts did well at the craft fair, take care:)


  10. Thank you for this fabulous pattern! I tried it and it worked perfectly. I did use tacky glue (because I would just burn my fingers using hot glue….) so I took my time holding the pieces together, but it worked great. 🙂


  11. Lindsay – I didn’t have a 2″ punch, so instead, I made an SVG cut file. I have the SVG cut file of (20) 2″ circles and just the right size triangle for the fold lines if you want it. I cut the triangles (3 in the cut file) out of lightweight chipboard and glued them together. I’ve made a few and it is a perfect fit for the 2″ circles. I couldn’t find your email address on your blog to send you the SVG file. If you want it could you please email me? jenscreationstation at hotmail dot com. Thanks and I love your videos and all the different crafts you share with us!


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