Playing with Pencils!

Happy Friday! I spent a lovey day with my good friend Kathy today, we crafted Christmas gifts, drank tea and gabbed a lot! (really it’s mostly about the gabbing when we get together!) 😀 You will have to wait until later to see what I made but tonight I wanted to share some watercolor pencil art with you:

DCF 1.0

The above painting I did with my new Derwent Graphitint pencils.  They were an early Christmas gift to myself (I found a heck of a sale!) and I decided to open them live on camera and paint something. Here you will see how I created the above painting:

I really liked the colors of the pencils but I noticed that they looked much different wet than dry and I could not really tell what the color I was coloring with was going to look like so I made a color swatch of the colors in the set. It was so handy that I decided to do the same for the other 2 sets of Derwent watercolor pencils I have. If you have watercolor pencils you should take the time to make a hand color chart, in the next video I explain how and why to do it:

Have fun with your materials and get to know them. You can make color charts of all your media. For traditional colored pencils or pastels you might swatch them out on grey as they are opaque or make a chart on black and one on white. You will certainly know more about your supplies if you do this! That’s it from this droopy girl tonight, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Hey Lindsay! It’s Paula here – no not from Japan, or Canada – think that’s hysterical! I’m actually from San Francisco!!! Thank you for answering so many questions & providing riveting & I mean riveting information! I would love it if Lorraine could give us her top 5 quilting tips (work it Lorraine !) and if Lindsay could give her top 5 general paper crafting tips. I know it’s a bit nebulous but I’m so curious. Love your witty banter, how you crack each other up – I laugh right along with you both. Arigato (r -ree- got- toe)


  2. I gave myself the 72 piece set for Christmas. I think we got the same deal. I love them and the chart is a good idea. How about a review video on stamp pad inks. They still confuse me. Which ones can you use embossing powder with and I know some are waterproof and you can’t use alcohol markers with some. Its very confusing.


  3. Hi Lindsey,

    I have been enjoying your tutorials like crazy! Every night I hunker down to watch them… thank you so much! I’m trying to learn more about paint…..

    I have an ask the crafter question…..

    I was watching your studio video and you had a bunch of coffee filters in one of your drawers. What are you doing with them?

    And if you could do a tutorial (or talk about it on “ask a crafter”) on making textures on your papers, I would LOVE that! On one of your videos you tied a bunch of rubber bands together, OH MY GOSH! You are so cleaver…. and you have mentioned other ways of getting texture using things around the house.

    I am a fiber artist, I owned a bead shop for 12 years and had to retire due to poor health (feeling better now!). I do art shows with my work and just opened an etsy shop. There’s only a few items in it….. I make my own paper, well, decorate it, not actually make it, and make things with it… Right now I have my flowers on etsy. I plan on selling off some of my beading supplies left over from the shop too… (oui, the stuff I have!) I love freeform and have a hard time following too many directions! LOL (I’ve been experimenting with coffee filters, that’s why I asked the question above) Anyhow, my paper flowers are my own creations, I just kept fooling around with techniques until I got what I wanted. My shop is:


    Hope you have a great day, you are a real blessing to so many people!



  4. I second Emilie Boyds request. I have watched many tutorials and read many blogs and I am still confused about resist/ embossing, is there a difference. Also are there any other inks out there like stazon. They are not available in many colors locally and I hate to pay shipping costs.One more ink question. Can I emboss on top of an acrylic painting or will the paint bubble from the heat? Thanks so much for your clear and unbiased opinions and help!


  5. I just bought my first beginners set of watercolor pencils. Watching your videos everyday on YouTube has really inspired me to try. I love how care free and fun you make all crafting. Hugs from Floridamomcrochet. April


  6. oh that is amazing.. I failed with the poinisettia… was at the best way but than ..urrrgl…

    have to try all this amazing lessons next year I think..
    with more patience.
    Thank you so much dear Lindsay for sharing all this and
    wish you a happy advent season!


  7. After watching your tutorials I am now addicted to inktense pencils,I bought the 24 set but I am now adding others to my collection at a rapid rate.I was just about to make a list of the numbers of the pencils I have to take with me next time I have to have “a fix” so I don’t have duplicates and saw your tutorial about the colour chart.This is such a good idea for a complete novice like myself to get to know the colours.After watching your graphitint video I had to buy some of those too… only five…this time!


  8. I just recently bought the Inktense pencils as well. I love them! The first time I heard about them, I wanted them. A chart of the colors sounds like a greata idea! I also have the Prismacolor watercolor pencils and it would be nice to be able to compare them to each other. Thank you for all the thing you share with us!


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