Let’s Paint a Poinsettia!

Good evening friends! I had just about dozed off knitting by the fire when I remembered that I promised you a tutorial tonight! Well, grab your watercolor paints and let’s paint a poinsettia! BTW, if you ever need a crafty fix and I have nothing new on my blog I usually have some new stuff on my YouTube channel that I haven’t had a chance to blog yet (there are at least 3 videos up I have not blogged yet currently) You can even subscribe to my channel and get notified when I post a new video! hmmm, that might be Lindsay overload huh?

DCF 1.0

I used Yellow Ocher, Cadmium Red, Sap Green and Ultramarine Blue on this painting as well as a 1/2″ flat and #8 round. Remember limited supplies = harmonious painting. You can go up or down a size or two brush depending on what you have and what you are comfortable with. No hard and fast rules tonight! I painted this on a 140# cold press watercolor card.

Well that’s it for me, I’m going to see if I can finish a few more rows of my first cable knit project tonight before I get too droopy! Cables are super fun and awesome and I will be sharing soon! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Sooooo interesting to watch you create and paint!!!! Thank you Lindsay for sharing your talent!


  2. Great video, I love the way you achieve the depth in your work!


  3. Love love love Your water color pictures . I am trying to working up the courage to try. Thank you for sharing your many talents with us .



  4. You do such beautiful work with your water colors….have never tried it, but maybe someday? Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!


  5. Just lovely! 🙂


  6. gorgeous


  7. Never too much Lindsay. I always check your youtube channel for new stuff–saw this there and I think it’s lovely.

    I know you are busy but I stumbled across a blog you may want to check out–the blogger makes wonderful cards using stamps and water color but not how you might imagine–they almost look like paintings. They are awesome. The name of her blog is The Storyteller. Here’s the link if you like to take a gander.



  8. I painted about a dozen of the Christmas wreath cards for my husband to send to our “special” friends and family; he lost 4 of them. We couldn’t find them so I made four of these cards so we could get our mailing done today. They are so pretty! I have tried and tried to paint flowers and never got them right before. My petals are more heart shaped than yours, but that is just me. Thank you so much for your tutorials. I have my little notebook computer set up on my craft table and pause it over and over to get each step right.

    I will have to check the You Tube list of your tutorials and see if there is one for roses. I have tried them over and over and they just never look right. If there isn’t one already done, could you do a video tutorial on roses? In your free time, right? 🙂

    Thanks a lot.
    Pat H, KS


  9. I never liked Poinsettias before but having had a go at painting one following your tutorial I like them more now! Mine didn’t look as bright or as nice as yours but I’m still pleased!
    I also have lots of painted wreath cards,snowmen and holly tags too.The only thing I couldn’t get to look right were the Christmas trees so I abandoned those!
    Thank you for being so encouraging !


  10. Pausing your video ’till I get home from work today ( – : I just may pick up my paintbrush ——~ And your blog has some much fun stuff to investigate…….THANK YOU


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