Ask a Crafter 17!

Wow, when I first started this series people asked me “what are you going to do when people run out of questions?” Ha! They don’t know my fabulous viewers! You are a clever lot and have a never-ending list of questions. I love a curious mind and I am really loving the kind generous community forming around these videos and blog posts. If you only watch the videos on my blog I urge you to watch it on YouTube because you can take part in the camaraderie in the comments thread. So many crafters have offered advise and ideas that I would never have thought of and I bet you will make a friend or two as Lorraine and I have! I wish I could have you all over for coffee but this will have to suffice (until I get an industrial coffeepot and a WAY bigger house!)

That WAS fun! If you have a question for me or Loraine please leave it here in the comment section or on the YouTube video and we will answer it next week. Oh, and I am trying to compile a “crafters gift wish list” so let me know what you are hoping to find under the tree this year and I will do a video on that, you can let friends and families watch it so you will get something good this Christmas! Of course they might question your sanity for watching videos by the likes of me LOL! Thanks for visiting and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter 17!

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying ask a crafter…I think in the future you should do this as a live Ustream show..ummm hint hint


  2. Hello queen of craftiness and dutchess of alpaca, I want to say thank you for your answers to my questions firstly. Secondly omnipotent means all knowing, I have a couple more questions for you … im so sorry but your the best fountain of crafty knowlege I know, and also a suggestion,
    Suggestion: my mother used to knit sew….. on a miniscule budget and to save money she would unpick knitted garments from charity, jumble (yard and thrift shops I guess in america). I have great memories of jumpers (not the sheep or kangaroo kind) made from this recycled wool (yarn). I cant knit or sew but I love to drawbpaint and make a mess so seeing your crocheted master pieces has brought back many happy memories thank you.
    The person who asked about paper for glue dots…. you can use the plastic backing from onlinr delivery reciepts, its where they print off your address or a return address lable at the bottom of billing … amazon uk is great for small pieces.

    Gilding wax (or gliding wax which I think sounds much cooler), could you mix mica pigment with bees wax to create a shimmery wax? Im using this to highljght embossed surfaces as well as to make my life more sparkly,,, basically if it stays still long enough.
    Last question I promise, well for this week, you used soluable oil pastles in your demonstartion the other week could you please do a demonstration with the oil pastles which are only soluable if you add turps (turpentine?). They are ridiculously cheep over here in the uk but ive found them to look grainy when used as a pastel, and blending results in fingers that look like you have been picking your nose for a month! any hints tips or advice would be appreciated

    Thank you so much for making Wednesdays filled with crafty fun and frolicks

    Ps please feel free to edit


  3. Lindsay, please let me know if you do not receive the dressform you are hoping for at Christmas. I have just been given one by a friend with no real reason other than, hey, I have one. I am on the west coast, we can see about shipping charges and it is yours. The least I can do for all that you have blessed me with in the few months I have been following you.


    1. aww Kim, that is so sweet:) I will let you know after Christmas and happily pay shipping. Wow! You are so thoughtful:)


  4. I just love watching you two. You put a smile on my face every time. Now my question is if I took a picture of something I wanted to try my hand at watercolor painting would I be infringing on copy right issues. This would be like a picture on a picture album book or the front of a child’s coloring book.


    1. It depends on how close to the original it is and what your plans are with it. If you are painting simply as a hobby and to learn you are fine. If you want to sell or publish the design you might not be. For instance I might get bit from 5 different photographs to use as reference for one painting but you could not say “that was obviously painted looked at that picture” use it as inspiration and you are OK:)


  5. Hi Lindsay I love ask a crafter and oh love the coffee cup perfect for a coffee junkie like myself. My question is I have a cricut well actually a couple but that is beside the point….any suggestions as to where I can find older versions of SCA, or other programs so I can use my Cricut with SVG files (you have so many I love)—any suggestions would be great…..keep on crafting and making to vids love them….Merry Christmas to you all.


  6. Hi……just a note. I sent you a small package with some Post Office tape that can be used for “glue dots.” The package will be from Tennessee.



  7. I already left a comment on your youtube channel because I can’t wait to watch Ask-a-Crafter so I stalk YT to see when it is up–of course it was awesome as always and I loved every minute of it. You and Lorraine are the dynamic duo!!

    I make paper houses–I use a die that I bought to cut them out–and was thinking you might demo your gingerbread house which is on offer today for half off. That way you could promote it and at the same time help viewers decide if they liked to buy it–win win. You might use the printable version–those who have SVG cutting machines will know how to use them already. I’m thinking put the whole thing together and maybe even add some additional embellishments one could make or purchase for more inspiration. I make Christmas glitter/snow houses as well as Halloween, Fall and Easter/Spring. My big kids–your age– love them. Just a suggestion…..


  8. I was watching your Dec. 4 video and you were talking about CD’s. If you want to cut them you can use your heat gun to make it soft enough you can cut it with a bad pair of scissors. I have made jewelry and I made mosaic coasters. To make the coasters thou you have to remove and kind of covering so the CD will be clear. Hope this also helps. I love watching your videos.


  9. Ask a crafter question: First let me start by saying I love your YouTube channel and watch religiously. I have learned so many tricks and tips from you and other viewers. Fabulous work you do- keep it up 🙂
    My question has to do with the gelli plate- because of my limited budget, I was able to make myself and my mom one for Christmas at a fraction of what it would have cost for me to buy one…. my problem now is, How do I acquire stencils and textures at a frugal price? I love all the amazing stencils out on the market right now, but even the small 6×6 seem to be $5 or more plus then you have to add in shipping, and that just puts them out of my frugal budget. I live in a small rural Wyoming community, and the nearest crafting store is 100 miles away, so I am not fortunate enough to pop in every week or so and use those good 40% off coupons like most can. I am lucky if I get to use one once every couple of months. I have been really looking outside the box for textural items that would help me make patterns on the gelli plate, but other than the rubber mesh coaster/drawer liner from the dollar store, I am coming up pretty empty- can you help? Do you have any ideas as to where to acquire even used stencils? I have tried eBay and they go for as much as the new ones, not too many garage sales in our area, only for just a few months in the summertime, and rarely crafty stuff at them. Again, thanks for all your fabulous videos and wealth of knowledge! You are amazing!


  10. Lindsay
    your youtube channel is my favorite. You are so inspiring. I find your message that it doesn’t have to be perfect so freeing! It reminds me to give myself permission to just create. Thanks for all the videos and laughs.


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