Ask a Crafter 17!

Wow, when I first started this series people asked me “what are you going to do when people run out of questions?” Ha! They don’t know my fabulous viewers! You are a clever lot and have a never-ending list of questions. I love a curious mind and I am really loving the kind generous community forming around these videos and blog posts. If you only watch the videos on my blog I urge you to watch it on YouTube because you can take part in the camaraderie in the comments thread. So many crafters have offered advise and ideas that I would never have thought of and I bet you will make a friend or two as Lorraine and I have! I wish I could have you all over for coffee but this will have to suffice (until I get an industrial coffeepot and a WAY bigger house!)

That WAS fun! If you have a question for me or Loraine please leave it here in the comment section or on the YouTube video and we will answer it next week. Oh, and I am trying to compile a “crafters gift wish list” so let me know what you are hoping to find under the tree this year and I will do a video on that, you can let friends and families watch it so you will get something good this Christmas! Of course they might question your sanity for watching videos by the likes of me LOL! Thanks for visiting and til next time happy crafting!