A Quick Folded Christmas Tree Card! {video!}

Wow, how did it get to be December 3rd already?!? My husband subtly hinted that we need to be getting out Christmas cards out soon. Well, this quick and easy design can be made in a flash with inexpensive supplies from Papermart and it is flat enough not to require extra postage! Watch the video to see how it is done!

I used the Tinsel Wire and Corrugated paper in Lime green. I love how when you buy from Papermart you get a large quantity for little cash, it is perfect for mass producing items such as Christmas cards or making stuff for craft fairs and it is even better for supplying classroom art projects.  To save on shipping costs I suggest you plan ahead for other items you might want and if the quantity of an item is too great ask friends if they want to split it with you. That reminds me, I’m running low on the clear bags I display my handmade cards in at craft fairs! I don’t want to run out of those! I hope this project had inspired you to send handmade Christmas cards this year. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Very pretty card. I used to make all my Christmas cards. Will have to get back into it. Working sure screws up everything. I want to stay home and play with my crafts. I guess you could use other paper to do the tree if you didn’t have corrugated paper.


    • Do you have a crimper? I do–thought i”d run my paper through it. You might do some score lines on your paper too for texture–or use an embossing folder if you have some…or maybe do some stamping on the green paper for visual texture.


  2. Lovely card! Thanks…


  3. Nice card, and I love the tree…and the tinsel cord too. Papermart really does have some great deals. I’ve started a list so I can save on shipping when I do order. I really appreciate you sharing their products with us. $1 for ribbon seems cheap until you realize it is only 9 feet and you can get 150 feet for less than $3 at Papermart.

    Tomorrow is Wednesday–and that means Ask A Crafter!! Who-hoo!!! (at least I hope it does…I know this is a busy time of year and Christmas is only 3 weeks away!!)


  4. I really love that tree and it’s so easy too. Thanks so much.


  5. just fab again!


  6. Great card. It’s playful without being too cutesie. I love it.


  7. Cute card and looks easy to make. I make all my own greeting cards and I think there would be a family revolt if I went back to store bought cards. I think I’ll try that with a large scallop die with embossed paper as I don’t have crimped paper or a crimper. Time to experiment!


  8. I sent you an email with a link to a crocheted tardis Christmas tree ornament. In case you don’t get it–not sure because it looked like gobbledy gook, said something about a clipped message whatever that means (gmail)–here is the link where I found the image:


    and here is the link to the pattern on the posted image:


    It’s pretty cool–I may make one for my sil.


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