Big List of Glycerin Uses!

Well, I’m not sure how big of a list it is but watch the video to learn what I use Glycerin for and for my recipes for pigment ink, blender pen juice, ink refresher and more!

Here is the list typed out! (my notes from the video)

Sorry it has taken me so long to compile a list of all of the great uses for glycerin in the craft room. Glycerin is a water-soluble plant based oily liquid that is a main ingredient in many of your art supplies. You can buy Glycerin at a pharmacy or a health food store or in the cake decorating aisle of the craft store (but that is the most expensive way) or if you need a lot of it you can purchase it through a soap making supplier online.


  1. Reinking embossing stamp pads. Use as is or with a wee bit of water to reink clear embossing pads or mix with gouache paint and make your own pigment reinker. Here is a video on making your own pigment ink:
  2. Add a few drops to your acrylic paint rinse water to increase open time and work-ability with acrylic paints. It makes your water wetter!
  3. Refill your blending pens and water-based markers! Video:
  4. Add a teaspoon of glycerin to a 4oz spray bottle of water and you have dye based ink refresher, shake before using.
  5. Make a permanent gelli plate, sciency-weincy video: Be sure to read the video description for updated recipe!
  6. Add a couple drops of glycerin to student grade watercolor paint in a palette to is does not dry out too much.

There you go, a fairly complete list, If I think of anything else I’ll let you know!

Oh, and here is the pattern for my wrap:

Uses submitted by YouTube viewers (leave a comment to submit your glycerin uses but please don’t say suppository -hardy har har- craft uses only please) 😀

Fareeda Mater says I also found out that you can used glycerin and water (Mixed) to remove squeaky doors.  Worked for me.

LittleWillie1000 and LouAnn Licardo suggest adding it to snowglobes to make the glitter fall slower

madhabitz says you can also use glycerin in recipes for giant bubbles. Google “giant bubble recipes” for a bunch of them. You can also do a search for giant soap bubbles here on YouTube to see them in action. Tons of fun and surprisingly easy.

Any other ideas? I know it is used in taffy and cake frosting making too. One little ingredient, so many uses! Thanks for stopping by and learning about this little celebrated artsy additive and til next time happy crafting!


24 thoughts on “Big List of Glycerin Uses!

  1. Fareeda Mater’s tip for a squeaky door will also help old squeaky skin by helping to moisturize (sp?) it– 10 parts water/1 part glycerin. I’d keep the parts small (teaspoons vs. cups) so the mixture doesn’t spoil. I wonder if it would help to fix those flappy things hanging off the underside of my arms? Like batwings they are. humpf.

    We forgot soaps! Don’t they make soap outta this stuff? A google search should find some decent recipes.

    Wait a second, taffy too? Oh man, that’s cool.


  2. Thanks for the refresher course I needed it. A lot of people haven’t heard of glycerin. We used it in science in school .


  3. You are so fun! Thanks for the tips and recipes. Especially the last one on watercolors. I had some to do the same thing and was wondering how to save them. Yay, now I have the answer!


  4. Really love your blog and the ask a crafter series. Even when you are talking about something I’m not interested in doing, it is fun to learn about. Thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge!


  5. Hi All,

    I recently bought an 8.5 oz (280 mL) bottle of “Africare 100% Glycerin – Aids in the repair of dry & damaged skin & hair” at a Rite Aid Drug Store stocked in the ethnic hair care section. Clear plastic bottle with an orange colored label. Interestingly, Africare is made by Cococare Products in London, England, so UK people can probably buy it.

    I asked the Rite Aid pharmacy tech and pharmacist if they had glycerin and they were dumbfounded lol! No one knew if they had it, but I was determined to find some and happily I did. 🙂

    Only catch is the large bottle costs around $10. Maybe go halfsies with a friend and divvy it up? Good luck!


    1. I think we have another use of glycerin LOL! I was wondering if the tiny expensive bottle of “frizz” hair stuff I get was glycerin and I bet it is! I get 8oz for $6.50 at the natural food sore and walmart has 4 0z for $4 in the pharmacy section.


  6. Hey, Lindsay…
    This post caused me to find this blog:
    It’s a great blog for those who are into making soaps and cosmetics. More glycerin uses there.


      1. Love your blog, really fun and informative and so incredibly helpful. Thank you!

        Could you tell me which alcohol is the main ingredient in the rubbing alcohol you use, please?
        In the USA rubbing alcohol can be either ethanol (denatured) or isopropyl. I only have isopropyl available to me because, here in the UK, ethanol/denatured alcohol is only available via a Home Office Government License which is only available to certain registered businesses, and “rubbing alcohol” is made with methylated spirit and wintergreen. I considered vodka as an alternative but its not available stronger than 40-45% ethanol (boo!).

        Thanks for your help.
        Best wishes,


  7. You said don’t say suppositories, well I am.
    When I first heard about gellie plates I just had to make one,some, I couldn’t find glycerin, the only glycerin I could find was the suppositories. I used them to make a gelly plate and they worked very well.

    ??? I warch your stuff all the time, I have a question about glue. I hate the “new improved” Elmers glue. Have you found a replacement for it. I’ve not found anything even close to the original version. I have the feeling this is a “new coke-old coke” issue. I hope they come to their senses and do an original version.


    1. I just bought a gallon of original Elmeres glue all on Blic. Most department store stock the washable though, it is aggrivating, I DONT want my glue to wash off LOL:)


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