A Tale of Two Poppies: Beginner Watercolor Videos!

Happy Friday folks! Sometimes (ok more often than that) I shoot a tutorial and afterwards I think “will this benefit anyone?” and “Will people like it?” because something in the work leaves me nonplussed. I usually end up uploading the tutorial anyway because I find there is something “new” that someone will learn from it. That is the case with the first poppy video I filmed, it’s the single poppy card, so I tried the technique again with softer colors and liked it much more. I asked folks during my koi freebie video yesterday if they wanted to see take 2 on the poppy and they did so I have both videos up for you today!

DCF 1.0

Since I know someone will ask 2 of the cards are in the 6″x9.5″ clear bags that I package my cards in for sale, you can get them at Papermart. Here is the first poppy, After it was done I thought my poppy was too low on the card so I added stamping and a swipe and splatters of color to balance it out. The stark white background was jarring. This tutorial is mainly watercolor pencils and the 2nd can use watercolor pencils or regular watercolor paints. I hope you enjoy the video!

This is the redo, I think the softer colors are prettier and someone wanted to know how to paint a background after she painted the flower, I did it before but this is the same technique for putting a background in after the fact. 🙂

Which card do you like better? The point of today’s lesson is that there are many ways to paint the same thing. Use the materials you have on hand. A viewer asked me if she could use watered down acrylics to do my tutorials with. I say “why not?” There are some techniques that will not work like lifting out color after it has dried but for other techniques it will be fine AND as a bonus you just learned a new way to use what you already have! Getting new supplies is fun, I get it (I do it!) but there is nothing like the pride you feel when you are resourceful with the supplies you have! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. I think both cards are very nice–but if i had to choose one, it would be the softer version. I feel drawn to the green background and the 3 flowers versus one. I think the background of the softer cards gives an impression of depth, seems less flat, sort of draws me in. The one with the single poppy is sort of like a stop sign being held up, so not drawing in, it says stop to me. Crazy sounding I know, but it is emotions at play here that determine what I like, not logic. The way I feel about a thing often affects my preference.


  2. Do you have any watercolor videos for the Christmas cactus I would love to paint one for a card.


  3. I enjoyed the tutorial and Iike the softer one best. Part of it is the softness of the color and part of it is the cluster of flowers, instead of a single large one. Either way, you make it look so easy! Thanks so much.


  4. I just love to watch you do anything with the watercolor pencils. I personally like the light colored background better but that is just me. I love learning to use both the pencils and regular watercolor paints together. I did not know that the pencils became permanent after they are liquified with the water until you taught that in a previous video. I am using that technique in the Christmas cards I am making and it works really well. Thanks so much for your videos.


  5. thank you so much Lindsay…. you are the best…


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