Ask a Crafter 15! You guys are great!

Hello friends. It is a beautiful sunny (but chilly) day up here in Maine.  I am trying to decide if i want to go out and get some Christmas shopping done or stay home in my jammies and crochet some gifts instead. Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions…. Well, yesterday Lorraine came over for another fun episode of Ask a Crafter, she was on the ball as usual but, not me, I didn’t even have the coffee pot on, we drank water, yes it is an decaffeinated episode! I have to send out big thanks to all of our viewers who take the time to ask questions and reply to other crafters with advise on products that have worked for them. It is this community of knowledge that makes crafting in the internet age so wonderful. With that said here is the latest episode of Ask a Crafter:

If you want to join the conversation you can go to the you tube watch page of Ask a Crafter 14 and respond to any of the questions that I answered today or leave a question for next week here on this blog post or on the watch page of this weeks episode on YouTube. Sharing is caring! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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