Green Sneakers Template Winner!!!

Happy Monday! We have a warm rainy day up here in Maine, no point washing the floors with the muddy dog tracks that will abound today so that means a little more creative time for me! I’ll be back in a bit with a crochet project (perfect for a rainy day!) but first I wanted to share out Green Sneakers winner and her lovely comment:

Wow! This is such a great site. So much to send our imagination into orbit. I would chose the Portfolio Template and the Kreate-a-lope Envelope template. My 94 yr old mom would have a ball with these. Something we could do together, when she is not making cards.              ~Sharon Hannifin

Aww, I love that she makes cards with her mom. Sharon, check your email for prize details! Last Monday I asked me readers to choose what Green Sneakers Templates they wanted to win and I have to say it was an enabler-fest, I kept finding myself checking out the templates you guys were picking, I have quite a wish list myself now LOL! I guess I should take advantage of the 20% off coupon that Green Sneakers is offering: Lin20 but I better not wait (and neither should you) because it is only good til Thursday the 21st! Below is a pic of some of the envelopes you can make with the Kreate-a-lope rip and flip envelope templates. If you don’t have an easy way to make envelopes I cannot recommend these highly enough!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Green Sneakers Template Winner!!!

  1. Hummm – you chose crafting over washing the floor? LOL! That means more wonderful ideas to share with us, right???? Enjoy your day, and super busy life, and thanks for all the wonderful tips and tutorials!


  2. Got my floor mopped on Saturday. Never ending battle with my husband and English Bull Dog named Bubba. Then I crafted the rest of the day. That is # 1. Pretty and sunny in Tennessee today. Have a good one Lindsay.


    1. Hi Jan, the ones I used in the video were the most chosen but also the swivel and flip card templates and A2 and A7 kreate-a-lopes:)


  3. I hope you can answer this before the end of the day. I’m trying to make an order on the green sneaker site and the coupon won’t go through. I know today is the last day. I know I put it correctly, so I was wondering if you can help. Thank you


    1. Hi Samantha, make sure you are logged in. Other people had a promblem because they were not logged in so if that happened the owner refunded the coupon code:) I will email you and CC the owner so you can make sure to get your deal;)


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