Got Wreaths? Let’s Paint one!

Howdy friends! Today I have a quick and easy painting tutorial for you using watercolor pencils. I also wanted to let you know about a wonderful Maine company that makes fresh wreaths, centerpieces, and garlands. They are also the founders of Wreaths Across America providing wreaths on the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery. Worcester Wreath is offering 10% off your total order on their website and as a bonus will donate 25% off your total order sales to out local school for school supplies, field trips and other necessities not covered in the current school budget. Use the coupon code CDSPTG at Worcester Wreath Co. if you are in need of beautiful, fresh and sustainably harvested balsam products and to get your 10% discount and help our schools. My deepest thanks if you do. On to the card!

DCF 1.0

Painting this is very easy, here are the colors of inktense pencils I used but feel free to substitute for the colors and brand of watercolor pencils you have:

# 0520 Carmine Pink
#0510 Cherry
#0600 Shiraz
#1330 Vivid Green
#0250 Cadmium Orange
#0230 Golden Yellow
#1520 Hooker’s Green
#1220 Green Aquamarine

To finish the card I stamped a sentiment from the Christmas Song clear stamp set from Oriental Trading Co. Have fun with this easy project and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0


19 Responses

  1. Amazing Lindsay! fantastic!


  2. Gorgeous wreath–it looks 3D. Nice offer from the wreath company too. Was wondering if you might watercolor a robin–saw the robin mug on Susan Branch’s website–in her shop–and it is lovely…looks like watercolor to me.


  3. Great tutorial…makes me think I should pull out those pencils again!


  4. I have some watercolor pencils, although a different brand, but I am enjoying your tutorial, so thank you! Also, thank you for mentioning Worcester Wreath. Years ago, my oldest son was one of the Old Guardsmen who are responsible for everything that happens at Arlington, and who helped place the wreaths of the graves of our honored dead. They are all so proud to pay honor to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we remain free. I’m just a proud mom of one, and I thank you. Your card is very beautiful, and an inspiration!


  5. wonderful job as always! thanks for putting the Oriental Trading link – went there and they have free shipping until midnight tonite!


  6. Lindsay,

    Thank you for a another great watercolor tutorial. You’ve inspired me to start water coloring again. I think you are so generous with your time and your willingness to share your talent. Thank you!

    Elaine Allen


  7. Another winner Lindsay…thanks so much for sharing your know how!!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  8. Wow, Wow amazing card. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial (I could not hear your tummy grow, but potatoes and turnip greens do sound wonderful).


  9. You make it look so easy…gorgeous card. Thanks for your generous sharing of How-to videos.
    Hugs, J ‘lu


  10. Another great tutorial. I so enjoy watching your videos – so much fun to watch and yet learn at the same time. I do have a question for you for Ask a Crafter. A frind of mine gave me a huge pile of envelopes – large ones….51/2 by 71/2 and larger even and I pretty much just make the 41/4by51/2 cards. Do you have any ideas of what else I could turn these envelopes into?…besides writing grocery lists on them? Putting a small card into a large envelope does not look professional so I just don’t do it, even though I’m not a professional – just not a cool thing to do. Thanks.


  11. I made it and it look so great !!! A real pleasure !
    Thanks I am going to make many more !


  12. Great tutorial, Lindsay. I always learn something when I watch your videos, and am keen to try afterwards. Thanks for sharing your talents!


  13. Hi Lindsay, I love your wreath! I have just one question. Do you think it’s appropriate to use Hooker’s green on a “Holy” card? lol just kidding! You have so inspired me to get back to watercolors. I’m definitely not the artist you are, but than again who is, maybe DaVinci….lol Love Ya’ Patricia


  14. Thank you for another easy to understand tutorial….I now have FOUR cards….each one with different mistakes!!! Each time the bow got bigger too but I had fun and I think that you can just about work out that it is a wreath so many thanks.x


  15. What a difference it makes to add in the grey shadow, wonderful job! 🙂


  16. Hey Lindsay, can’t wait for the next Ask a Crafter. Two questions. First what kind of coffee are you & Lorraine drinking? My crafty question is how can I use embossing powder on an original sketch or drawing? I often draw images I’d like to emboss but can’t figure out how to get embossing ink on the line drawing. Sorry if this a big duh question. I so enjoy your spirit, energy & knowledge! Hugs!


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