Christmas Tree Paper Bead Earrings!

Hello Friends! I am in the holiday mood! I have been picking away at my Christmas shopping online and making stuff to sell at the craft fair in December. I was making some paper beads earlier this fall and they were coming out cone shaped and I thought that it would be great to make in green for Christmas Trees!  What do you think?

DCF 1.0

I had some leftover paper strips so I made some more of my  Pandora Style Paper Beads too. I love the glassy look I get from the UTEE. Here is a video showing how to make the earrings.

And yes, you can make these to sell with my full permission! 😀 I think these lightweight earrings are perfect for children to wear as well as teacher gifts. If you don’t have UTEE you can use clear nail polish or Mod-Podge to glaze them. that way the kids could make these without worrying about burns.  I hope this project helps you get into the holiday spirit! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


17 Responses

  1. Thank you, Lindsay for sharing this great Christmas craft – I love the earrings!…and all of your other posts. You are so inspiring!


  2. Oh my gosh girl! You are so sharp!! 🙂 You can make things so simple. I love the little tips on embossing that bead. Love the entire project! Thanks so much for all you share!!!


  3. So glad I came across somehow is the abyss! You are just delightful! And talented, and helpful, and sincere…..keep it up.


  4. That should have been… so glad I cam across YOU somehow in the abyss (internet)…but you probably had enough coffee to understand it anyway – 🙂


  5. Awesome video-I will also use this idea to make mini ornaments,as well! I use the UTEE all the time with a melting pot, but I love your technique-so much easier and quicker for small items!


  6. Lindsay, this is FABULOUS!!! I am making items for a holiday craft fair as a fundraiser for our local Destination Imagination teams and these will be perfect!! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness in including a release to use your work. Very kind of you..saves the effort and time of getting permission, which i’m sure you would have granted! Bet most people don’t ask if they are going to be selling items.
    You are such a good teacher! All of your videos are so clear and understandable and I love the enthusiasm in your voice!
    Thanks again. Love your work!


  7. Love It. So cool and you have a brilliant mind so much talent. Have a good day.


  8. I love these! And paper beads are fun to make. I like your take on them–adorable Christmas trees. I’ve rolled two green cone shaped beads and plan to make them into earrings soon.


  9. Lovely earrings Lindsay….TFS


  10. So nice !! great idea ! Thanks !


  11. Thanks on a budget . This will make a nice gifts for friends really great


  12. Lindsay, these are adorable! You are such an enabler! lol I think I may have to get into making jewelry!!!


  13. Great idea for the UTEE and the earrings look so cute.


  14. Thanks! lindsay. I’ve made them but the paper was to thin. What weight of paper did you use?


  15. You can stick the toothpick into a block of foam to let the UTE cool a bit. I love that glossy finish! Thank you for sharing.


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