Let’s Paint a Lighthouse & Leftover Paint Tip!

Hello friends! I had a request to paint a lighthouse this week…somehow I managed to live in Maine for 37 years and never paint one LOL! So here it is!

DCF 1.0

This painting takes 10 minutes and is perfect to paint on a watercolor card! You will need a 1″ flat brush, a 1/2″ flat and a #5 round. The colors we are using are Aliziran Crimson (A cool red), Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow (A warm yellow) and Burnt Sienna. Watch the video for the how to in real time!

After you are done painting what do you do with the paint on your palette? Do you just wipe it away? Before you clean your palette spritz it with water and press a scrap of cardstock or tag into it and you will have a beautiful background for your next card-making project or a lovely gift tag! Watch this 30 second video to see how easy it is!

That if for me today! I am in craft fair prep mode this morning and then I am going roller skating with my girls! What a fun day! Happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

14 Responses

  1. Enjoy your day….you’ve inspired mine!!!


  2. I love the way you painted the rocks. I have trouble with rocks when I paint so I think I am going to try your method. Thanks again for the inspiration and techniques.
    ps – hubby and I love lighthouses, especially him. I’ve painted some for him and even did an entire quilt of 12 blocks of hand-appliqued lighthouses. Of course, we live inland so we have to drive a bit to see one.


  3. thanks so much for including the colors you used and what size brushes. That helps a lot since I don’t have a clue about colors.


  4. Wow, what a great job you did. Those rock are wonderful!


  5. Lindsay,
    I have bought your painting tutorials and I must say to everybody : they are just great !!! Having such a great time painting the birds and all the others !!!!
    Thank you so much for your help !!!


  6. Way cool vid full of useful info! Thanks Lindsay!


  7. Love how you did the rocks. Great tips!! Thank you


  8. You are amazing! That is beautiful and such an easy tutorial to follow. I UNDERSTAND what you mean about lighthouses. It would be like someone asking me to paint Diamond Head. I’m not a good painter, but I get the drift! BTW, have you tried painting on the other side of the camera so you don’t have to do it upside down? You do an excellent job, but it might be easier. I’m not good either way LOL. Hope you had fun skating and didn’t hurt yourself!


  9. Okay, just got off the phone with the credit card company and someone has stolen my info, so I need to cut that card up and get a new one. Instead of getting upset, I will use the pieces to paint my rocks. . . Making lemonade from lemons thanks to Lindsey! 🙂


  10. Love your tutorial. Those rocks are great! Thanks for all the fabulous tips.


  11. cuppa tea (I need the caffiene after Babysitting)
    flicking thru the links on your blog which is Awesome
    & came across this amazing painting!

    Maine always seemed to interest Me, may be cause of all the natural beauty, the rocks everything about your painting is beautiful 🙂


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