WOYWW: Ask a Crafter 13!

Howdy folks! It is Wednesday and time for What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday! I wasn’t going to WOYWW this week but when I got back from walking the dog this morning I had 2 big boxes on my porch from Papermart! Also on my desk is an ATG gun and refills that my lovely YouTube friend Valerie sent me! Thank you so much Val, I hope I can figure out how to use it!


I am planning to go to town and get some Christmas shopping done today but first I had to unbox all of that crafty goodness, speaking of Christmas you should check Papermart’s prices, you will get WAY more bang for your buck for your crafting and wrapping!


It is figuratively a ton of wonderful goodies from Papermart and you will see this stuff in action in tutorials over the next 6 months. My first planned tutorial is a Thanksgiving centerpiece, be sure to keep an eye out for that!

OK, now down to business, it’s time for this weeks Ask a Crafter! I am so glad to have Lorraine as my co-host again this week, she is a riot! Let’s find out what my viewers and readers asked this week shall we? Oh, and if you have a question for next weeks episode you can leave it in the comments section.

BTW, I did make a lighthouse painting tutorial and I’ll post it on my blog this weekend or if the suspense is killing you it’s on my youtube channel. That’s all for today! Wish me luck Christmas shopping and til next time happy crafting!

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