Watercolor Leaves 2 Ways!

Dontcha just love Daylight Saving time? Getting to sleep that extra hour…that is only if you remember to turn back your alarm clock LOL! ┬áLuckily I did not wake anyone else up except the dog who was more than ready to start her day (dogs apparently do not “get” daylight savings time) so I shut of the alarm, let her out and fed her. You’d think with an extra hour I’d be more ambitious, nope, I just lazed around until it was time to get the kids up.

DCF 1.0

Today I thought I’d show you two different ways to paint fall leaves. First with watercolor pencils:

And this video shows painting the leaves with watercolor paints. I added some acorns for interest and yes, I realize I am painting maple leaves LOL!

So, what do you think? Are you more suited to painting with watercolors or watercolor pencils? I think pencils (I use Inktense BTW) are more suited for someone who likes to look before they leap and paints are for someone who like to jump right in and as artists we can prefer one one day and the other the next! C’est la vie!

DCF 1.0

Don’t forget a little swipe of matching paint on the envelope! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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