The Tunisian Crochet Drinking Game…

…not that I condone that sort of thing, but I know some enterprising college student is going to find this video, watch it with his buddies and take a shot every time I say the word “Tunisian” which may or may not be pronounced correctly. Honestly, I have a decent grasp on the English language (I used to be a radio announcer for goodness sake!) but I get hung up on some words. Tunisian is one of them. In fact I re-shot this video because I was sure I was saying it wrong, in retrospect I may have been saying it right according to some helpful youtube viewers but after reading the comments I have 5 different pronunciations of the word Tunisian and I am more confused than ever…let’s just call it the afghan stitch shall we, I am sure that name was made up because nobody was certain that they were pronouncing Tunisian correctly.  I did however get the best comment ever from viewer DDspaperworks: 

“I don’t care how it’s pronounced, I laughed myself into an asthma attack!! It was totally worth it (and my inhaler was close by ;).”

How’s that for a testimonial, comedy and crochet only here folks! On that note here is the video:

So, did you learn something? I hope so, this is a fun technique no matter how you say it and a great way to use up leftover yarn and make some wonderful projects like scarves for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “The Tunisian Crochet Drinking Game…

  1. This is fab Ive often wondered how to do this and now I know!! thank you love your videos posts etc you always make me smile!!


  2. I’ve been intending to try my hand at Tunisian—learned it’s not all that hard to do. Also–instead of re shooting–might you just put a disclaimer at the beginning of the video declaring you are unsure of the pronunciation and leave it at that? It is apparent to all who watch that you are an intelligent as well as creative person. And I’f found many highly educated people pronounce the same word differently. No big deal in my book. You say ‘toe-may-toe, I say ta-ma-ta”–we both are talking about the same fruit.

    And–what is it about radio people? Gale of galecrafts has the same delightful bubbly upbeat optimistic personality as you. So nice-I love spending virtual time with both of you.


  3. LOL!! I love your bubbly personality and the way you laugh off the way you pronounce Tunisian…I can’t believe that people would actually criticize the way you speak…why not criticize the spelling errors in some blogs – not yours – which is far more annoying! Living in Montreal we are melting pot of different cultures and we are so used to hearing different dialects even though some are so annoying, Every culture will have a different pronunciation same as a person from Britain will have different pronunciation from a person in Scotland or English Canada or the USA – it comes down to the same word and we still understand. Get real!


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