Happy Day of the Dead & A Stamp Winner!

I hope everyone survived Trick-o-treating last night. We had a great time, I gaggle of us went together around the cul-de-sac where I live. It was perfect Halloween weather, howling wind, rain and all sorts of blustery goodness! We all gathered at my place for a pot luck (I had the best intentions of ALL the kids eating real food before they went begging for candy) before hand, it had become a bit of a tradition and I feel “the more the merrier!” I love Halloween because because it is low stress (unlike Christmas) I don’t kill myself cleaning because the extra cobwebs in the corners add to the ambiance and there is no need to mop the floors when you are going to have 30 kids traipsing in and out of the house LOL! Who’s to say the floor wasn’t spotless before they arrived? I am kinda bummed because I did not get any pictures last night. My son was David Ortiz, AKA “Big Papi” of the Red Sox, I was a creepy sugar skull face lady and my girls were a minion and a vampire. Here is a photo of me and the girls before last weekend’s school Halloween party, I was dressed as a fortune teller because I was volunteering at the party as one.


Today is Day of the Dead, a time to remember friends and family who have passed. One of the traditions is decorating sugar skulls so I created a quick and easy painting project you can do with the kids:

Now what you have really been waiting for. The winner of last weeks stamp giveaway is: Carla! I have a couple of readers with that name so I will email the correct Carla and you can get your prize! That’s it for me today. I am going scrapbooking, I should clean the house first but I’m willing to let the “ambiance” last one more day:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Wow! adorable pic of you and your girls! wonderful costumes… Glad it was a fun nite for you!


  2. Great picture of you and the Girls and I am glad you had fun last night – even with the weather 😦
    I totally agree about the housework too !! hahaha LoL

    IKE in Greece xxxxx


  3. What a great project! (And what a great Halloween! Thanks!)


  4. I made a sugar skull mini-card and it was fun and easy. Gives me a little more confidence to try water color. The picture of you and the twins makes me wish my children were little again.


  5. Very nice photo of you and the girls. I watched this video on Youtube and really liked how you made it look so easy! Day of the Dead not real big in Canada but last spring when my daughter was cleaning out my grandson’s backpack in it was a picture he had drawn – a Day of the Dead picture! No idea how he knew about it but he is something else.


  6. Really cool photo of you and girls. You know what they say: Only boring women got spotlessly clean houses 😉


  7. ya’ll look awesome!!! thanks for posting a pic… 🙂


  8. Look like you all had a great time. That butcher paper is a great trick. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Congratulations Carla and as Lindsey says, ” Happy Crafting”.


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