A Halloween Postcard: Quick & Easy!

Hello friends! In case anyone is wondering I am happy to report that I finished the parent/student cross country race yesterday. I was really hoping there would be some out of shape parents in the race instead of all of the fit military dads joining in. There were only a few moms in the race, what’s up with that? I didn’t overdo it, I jogged/speed-walked with another mom and we had a grand time gabbing and catching up as we navigated the course. I figured there was no point overdoing it and being sore for a week…I wasn’t “in it to win it” as they say but it does give you a respect for the kids who run this every day. My daughters ran the race too (and did far better than their old lady) so I think I will have 3 runners in the family next season when they are old enough to join the team. OK, today I have a quick Halloween postcard for you, this can also be adapted to make a 1 layer card or tag. I used stamps from About Art Accents and if you have not entered the prize draw on last Fridays post be sure you do so you have a chance to win some of their stamps!

DCF 1.0

I filmed 3 videos yesterday and I have to say it was quantity over quality, really I think I was a bit off my game because I was nervous about the race. With that in mind here is the video:

Remember you can use my coupon code: Lindsay10% whenever you shop at About Art Accents, I think you put it in the paypal comment box and they refund the savings. That’s it for me today, I still have to walk the dog (she does not understand that I did a race last night so I am all set with exercise today LOL!) and get ready to film this weeks Ask-a-Crafter episode with Lorraine. I guess I better get cracking! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

9 thoughts on “A Halloween Postcard: Quick & Easy!

  1. Cute card Lindsay. TFS how you made it! I have the ink tense pencils and now know the best way to use them….thank you!
    Glad the paramedics did not have to be called – LOL!


  2. Congrats on finishing the race without needing paramedics or embarrasing our children!!! My yourngest daughter, and her hubby do marathons. In fact, Joey did the Boston Marathon in 2012. Their nine year old son has done two children’s triatholons. They didn’t get those genes from me!!!
    Great card once again. I bought a tape runner that was repositional by accident so that’s what I put on the back of the cardstock or paper pieces that I use as masks. Works for me.


  3. This is the sweetest little vampire! I love this card –using the frame as a mask and adding the text stamp as a background is a neat application. I’ve cut out a similar frame by hand, and will try to make a similar card. Another great video and card w/ lots of good info and techniques. TFS! And great job at the race too. Your kids are blessed to have you for a mom.


  4. Also–I’ve had a week now to play with the color dusters I bought at stamp convention last weekend–and they are awesome. I much prefer them for inking a background over a sponge. I’ll save my sponges to ink the edges. If you had not demo-ed the dusters I’d have never known about them. So glad you did.


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