Eroded Stamping, Gears & Bones…Spooky!

Howdy folks! Last night we went to the kids school Halloween party. I was the fortune teller again this year and it was so much fun! Afterwards the kids had a couple of friends sleep over, lots of pizza, popcorn, chips and sweets were consumed, movies were watched and the pool table and pinball machine were busy into the night…oh yeah, I have the “cool” house LOL! Since we are in the Halloween spirit I thought I’d share this card I made the other day:

DCF 1.0

I used some fun techniques in this card. The first technique is what I call eroded stamping because the image looks grungy and deteriorating and the key to the technique is stamping with water, I used the bubble background from Lost Coast Designs. Have a look:

Then I dug out the square stamping gear I had to have but never use and my skeleton stamp from Lost Coast Designs. BTW Lost coast design is part of the Virtual stamp convention going on this weekend at Rubber Stamp Chat, They have 20% off and free shipping, you have to go to Rubber stamp Chat to get the coupon code but don’t wait, The convention lasts through Monday!

It was a fun card to make, I enjoyed using the stamping gear and will try to use it more often now:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Eroded Stamping, Gears & Bones…Spooky!

  1. I absolutely love all your videos, and by the way, you have lovely skin. Anyway, I have a question unrelated to today’s post. My husband tends to find things on the internet that he wants to make. He’ll research every thing written, buy too many supplies & never get around to actually using any. This time he’s gotten interested in making Episcopalian rosaries. I actually think he’ll make at least one, but one of the tools he thinks he absolutely has to have is a bead crimper. He thinks the only one that will work is one that costs $25. What I’m asking is, does he really need a crimper that’s this expensive. We live on a fixed income, and I don’t want to discourage him, but really! Any suggestions will be helpful. Like someplace he could purchase one a bit less expensive? Thank you so much for any info you can provide.


    1. I have Beadalon crimping pliers that I got with a coupon at ACmoore or Joanns, they were about $15 but only $8 with a coupon, they work great and i use them a lot with no problem at all, they take size 1 to size 4 crimp beads and crimp tubes. I would not pay more:)


      1. It took awhile to find this again & I wanted to thank you for your quick response. My husband tends to think something has to cost a lot to be good. Maybe he’ll take your advise. Thank you again.


        1. I just saw a pair of the crimping pliers on sale in the Fire Mountain Gems Catalog too! They have the best prices and the materails are high quality, he might want to request a free catalog;)


  2. Water stamping???? Sooooo cool. I’m sure going to try that one. I have a stamping gear still in its package. Better try that one too. Thanks for all your great ideas.


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