WOYWW & Ask A Crafter 11! {smoother than evah!}

Howdy folks! It’s What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday time! I have had a variety of new projects in the works, you can see several piles of new rubber for Halloween and Thanksgiving, gelatos, colored bits of paper twist cord, a granny square and assorted odds and ends.

DCF 1.0

Yesterday my friend Lorraine came over and helped me record Ask a Crafter. she did an amazing job and the best part is that you don’t have to look at the top of my head while I search for questions. We were smooth i tell you! I also went the extra mile and mixed it down into one video so you don’t have to sit through 3. you’re welcome. πŸ˜›

Big thanks to Lorraine who helped out this week and even said she will come back next week! Isn’t that awesome! If you have a question for next weeks show simply leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

22 thoughts on “WOYWW & Ask A Crafter 11! {smoother than evah!}

  1. Never mind your desk – just love your video, lots don’t apply to England but it was great to watch!
    Also …. so glad I’m not the only one who forgets – he! he!
    Bishopsmate #77


  2. I have several ideas for rubber stamps. How can I sell them? What are the compensation rates? Sell then outright or commission on each sale? Who should I pitch to? I have put together a 10-page proposal for stamp series with stencils and dies. I can’t find any info on going rates or hoe to price my ideas. Thanks Linday!


  3. Hi Lindsay! It’s me again on the Blo-pens!!! You showed us several products. First, What was the black atomizer called? Where will I find it?

    Second, AC Moore doesn’t offer online sales, so where to find the little mouth atomizer you showed us? What is it called?

    “Keep ’em comin’ in America!!!!”

    Thanks, Beth


  4. First I had no problem with your speed and accent, but Im from Mass so … Love the dynamics with you and Loraine! Lots of great info as always.

    Question – where do you get your stencils and steampunk? Can you shiw a video how you make some of your metal embellishments?


  5. Lindsay, thank you for the tip about not having to use gesso. You are right–I feel like gesso is all I hear about when it comes to art journaling! And it’s expensive, so it’s good to know we really don’t have to use it all the time. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #35


  6. How do you make your own glitter glue like the commercial brands?
    The commercial brands have gel and the glitter glue stays mix. I tried making my own glitter glue with Elmer’s and Martha Stewart glues and I have to stir glitter glue everytime I use it. Ugh!


  7. Hi Lindsey, You are my favorite crafter on my new IPad. However when I try to give you a thumbs up, it does the opposite. Sorry. JOLENE


  8. All hail the dynamic duo! Great job Lorraine I hope you continue to read for Lindsay I think it frees her up to squeeze in even more info. My question is: How do you unclog spritzer bottles? I have had to toss countless bottles including brand names like Judikins and Ranger. After a few squirts of shimmer mists, they clog. Thanks!


  9. Just noticed the text in the left hand corner of my screen which identifies the subject you are talking about. Thanks. Just what I needed. Great video today.


  10. lindsay, i paused n the middle of your video, to make that homemade stamp cleaner with johnson’s baby shampoo. i didn’t know about that magnifying search hint either. thank you!!! lorraine’s help was great! friends make everything better, right?


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