WOYWW: Ask a Crafter #10

Howdy folks! Time again for What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday, a weekly snoop around the desks of the world’s craftiest people. Here’s mine:

DCF 1.0

The laptop and camera are there because I just recorded this weeks episode of Ask a Crafter. I ended up being in 3 parts due to my camera’s restriction of being able to only record 20 minutes at a time (and my laziness not wanting to edit) but I put them ¬†all in a playlist so hopefully they will play continuously here, let’s see! Also I love the way YouTube randomly picks an image in your video for the preview so you can look at your absolutely most dorky…oh wait, that’s how I look LOL!

I think I need a producer for these shows, someone who can read the questions to me because I seem to lose my place a lot and waste time looking through the questions and comments. Any volunteers? Preferably someone local who will work for a cup of coffee? If you have any questions for next week’s ask a crafter leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!