We go together like….

…painting and stamping!

DCF 1.0

I had this card I painted a couple of weeks ago sitting on my desk, it needed something so I stamped this quote on the front and happy birthday on the inside. Now I am all set for the next birthday! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “We go together like….

  1. Love the card, beautiful. I agree with Chris, the dew drops are perfect. That quote always makes me laugh. Lucille Ball was as beautiful as she was funny.


  2. So true about stamping and painting. Great card–I love that it is artsy (o.k. artsy-fartsy) too. Wish I could be in your part of the world right now—New England and fall go together like perfection. (I love love love New England–all the history and beauty) Hope you are having a fab weekend. Seems like fall and families especially go tog. and there’s a lot less stress than during the Christmas season.


  3. I had a great afternoon/evening today! I laid in my sick bed (or recliner) catching up on Lindsay videos! Sure do wish your videos could cure severe ear infections and flu symptoms! Lol. I ‘d be running around like a crazy woman by now! 🙂


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