Easy Watercolor Tutorial: Goldfinch

Hello Friends and Happy Weekend! I am actually offline this long holiday weekend enjoying time with my family but I have you covered with some fun tutorial I’ve saved for a rainy day.

DCF 1.0

This pretty goldfinch is easy to draw and paint, watch my tutorial too see how:

I hope you get a chance to do some painting this weekend! If you are in the mood for some more in depth painting projects please check out the tutorials for sale in my shop.

DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Easy Watercolor Tutorial: Goldfinch

  1. I’ve never painted anything, but watching you gives me hope. The thing I enjoy most is the mental gymnastics required to follow and make the connections as your brain speeds around faster than the speed of light. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your talent for so many things. By the way…. are you planning on doing some Christmas card tutorials? Would love to see that.


  2. lol!! you kill me Lindsay….problems with the paper towel and the paint….I LOL so hard my headset fell off, almost sending my laptop flying! It’s contagious….love the painting and drawing upside down…you really are killing me….have a great looooooong week-end (I’m guessing Columbus Day?) being Canadian it’s our Thanksgiving Day long weekend….enjoy!!!


  3. Oh that’s beautiful! We don’t have American goldfinches here in the UK, but our European ones are very pretty too.

    I’ll definitely try this one but I need a few more colours first – I have one of those cheap little tin boxes with 12 or so colours (given to me many years ago by one of my teachers at school) and I’m missing mauve and sap green. The light green I have looks a little bright and artificial and isn’t right for vegetation somehow.

    Thanks again Lindsay!


    1. remember that you can mix your colors (blue plus yellow for green, ad a bit of red or brown if it is too bright) don’t let not having the right color premade stop your creativity!


  4. I am thoroughly enjoying all of your tutorials…they’re great. Have you ever painted with alcohol inks? I mean a real painting…not just ink blobs! I would be interested on seeing some techniques for creating a real painting using those…not just an abstract ink blot! Also do you ever do polymer clay? I am still trying to figure out faux batik using white glue. If you have any insights I would appreciate them.


  5. I LOVE your tutorials! Thank You sooo much! I just turned 50, have wanted to watercolor for ever! I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing, and the watercolor….I love it! Thank You for introducing me to something I really enjoy! ❤


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