Ribbons & Braids!

Hello Folks! We had school pictures this week. It can be quite a traumatic time dealing with finding the perfect outfit and practicing that iconic school picture smile (then paying for the photo packages!) My wavy haired daughter wanted her hair straitened and my strait haired daughter wanted her hair curled. I curled, straitened and sprayed and they left looking pretty good, my hope is that pictures were taken early that day because when they home they were looking a little rough around the edges LOL! That’s why I love French braids, they can hold in the craziest of hair and look fresh for hours. They can be a bit boring though so today I’ll show you how to do a french braid and side twists and how to easily accent them with ribbon from Papermart.

these braids will stay in, Maizy went outside, chased chickens, cartwheeled and, judging by they way she looked when she came back in, made mud pies yest the hair remained neat and tidy.  The best thing about using ribbon in a hairstyle is how you can switch it out for any occasion such as holidays, school sports or any group activity.  Be sure to check out Papermart’s wide selection of fabric ribbons for your next project or hairstyle! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


5 Responses

  1. I can tell your girls apart by their personalities- Maizy is definitely your wild child – she looks wind blown in the calmest storm!!
    They are both great- thanks to their up bringing!!


  2. What sweet girls–makes me wish mine were that age again. Lucky girls to have such a fun mom too! I doubt my children would have been so cooperative–they hated being in front of the camera.


  3. I’m no good with hair, but if I had had a girl, I would have loved to have learned to do those hair styles. My granddaughter looks so nice when her mom does her hair like that. The ribbon are wonderful in the style!


  4. One of my daughters used to walk thru the house and french braid her hair at the same time. My nieces with the triplets, 2 of them girls, does their hair that way all the time too – for the same reason – it stays in place.


  5. You are soooooooooooooo creative Lindsay!!!!!! LOVELY!


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