Potato Barrel Painting!

Happy Friday folks! Every once in a while I get asked to paint something for somebody. A neighbor asked me if I could paint a potato barrel for her, she said she liked birds and sunflowers and she wanted it primitive and rustic. The rest was up to me, this is what I came up with:


The process for this was simple. I sketched on a design with a white chalk pencil so that any stray lines or mistakes could be erased with water. Then I painted the design with acrylic paints. I find that when I work in acrylics I do better if I paint for a while, then go away. This barrel had a lot of “oh my, this is terrible! What have I done?” moments. When I come back I can see what is needed, what is working and what is not and what needs to be added. The goldfinch and wheat stalks did not get added til the end but without them it would have been really dull.  I did this piece in 3 sittings.


It is quite different from when I work in watercolors. I don’t feel as “at ease” with acrylics but I needed this to be durable outside and dry in a reasonable amount of time and acrylics are perfect for that. I also tend to fret about my work when I am painting for someone else, especially on something that belongs to someone because I don’t want to ruin anything that another person cherishes. Luckily she likes the barrel!


If you fancy a bit of painting all of my tutorials are 40% off now through Saturday along with everything else at Lindsay’s stamp Stuff. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

24 thoughts on “Potato Barrel Painting!

  1. Love, love, love it…..wish you were mt neighbor so you could make me one too! You certainly painted just what she wanted……great job, girl!


  2. Love love this!!
    Have fun scrapping today- so wish i could go- cant wait to hear plans for class you have!! I’m still in Fla for another couple weeks! Next month ill be there!!- or will get details from Robin or Katherine!!
    Have a great day Lindsay!


  3. Hi Lindsay I love your project! The yellow goldfinch and sunflowers look
    so pretty against the rustic barrel. Love the porch on the birdhouse 🙂 Great job!! Iris,SavedbyGrace


  4. Visited your store, and made some purchases – feel bad that it only came to $5 for your incredible talent though. Of course the sale helped. But I guess if everyone spend $5 you are getting someplace! Thanks – off to try the chickadee!


    1. thanks Marcy. Here is a tip, try a beginner tutorial first if you are new to watercolor, there are more photos in the beginner lessons:)


  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I love it. I have an old milk can that would look wonderful painted like this. Wonder how many hundred dollars shipping to and from Maine would be?!? Only in my dreams but this is just gorgeous.


  6. I love your painting. I’m more comfortable with acrylics than any other paint but I’m trying to expand. I painted the origianal Blue Water Bridge from about 1960 on a milk can for a friend of mine. I was nervous too that he wouldn’t like it but he did. I did a sketch from an old postcard I found of the bridge from that time period. It’s on my blog under tole painting – http://www.craftyviolet.blogspot.ca


  7. Ok..I am seriously enjoying all of your painting! This is simply gorgeous and I can’t believe that you would fret but I totally understand that fear of possibly “ruining” something of sentimental value to someone. I am still dreaming of being a neighbors of yours one day! 😉


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