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7 thoughts on “Hey! 40% Off at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff!

  1. I was looking at your digital stamps. While I know how to paste an image into Paint (don’t have any other editing programs) and re-size, move it around etc. and I know how to print the image, I have a problem getting the images where I want them on the paper, and the size I want them. In the end I usually resort to just printing it out and having to cut around it after. And getting the right size image usually happens after printing it, adjusting the size, repeat several times until it is right–all quite frustrating.

    Might you have a video in your library that addresses this? If not perhaps you could do a video demo and explain the basics– maybe show us how to use your digi’s in an application–like a card.

    The idea of digital images appeal to me because they are space saving, but I spend so much time fiddling to get a result that I give up, finding it much easier to grab a stamp, ink and press onto paper.

    Also is Paint even doable for digis’? I’ve considered downloading some of the free programs like Gimp and Paint.net because Paint is so limiting. Are there other programs that would be better.

    I’ve heard of Photoshop and would love to own it but it is very expensive–too much money to spend up front and too much time to invest learning ‘how’ when I’m not even sure that the end product would justify the cost.


    1. Hi Dinah,
      You can use the free program Open Office to resize and print the digital stamps. It is the easiest way and I have a step by step tutorial here: https://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/digistamping-for-dummies/
      I use an ink jet printer and color the images with alcohol based markers or colored pencils and have no trouble at all. I have a hp printer that uses the HP02 cartridges and I get the 6 color set on amazon (generic) for $5 a set and free shipping so you might want to see what is available for your printer. I used the ink for photos too and it is as good as HP. That said the printer heads are on the printer and not the cartridge so I think that makes a difference when buying off-brand ink. If you wish to watercolor over the ink jet printed images you can draw over the lines with a Prismacolor colorless blending pencil (it is a pencil with clear wax in it) and it will seal the ink. If you have any other questions just let me know!


      1. Thanks–I’ll check the link. Also I have an HP printer. I’m going to check into the ink you are using, see if it might be compatible w/my printer. I’m spending $35 for the B/W-Color combo pack.


  2. Another question about digi’s. One reason I don’t prefer digital images is because printer ink is very expensive. Markers, ink, colored pencils etc are all much much cheaper in the long run. Hence, I’d want only the line images which I can hand color. Would ink jet printing ink be a problem in this regard?


  3. Hi,Lindsay. A while ago you did a nice in depth blog post about electronic cutting machines… pros/cons and different company policies. Could you point me to the right date or subject. I’ve searched here and on your youtube channel and I’m not finding it. I want to make sure I have that info before I make a purchase. Thank you!


  4. Hi Lindsay, I posted a project today using one of your SVG die cuts, OOh La La, love it! And for DINAHSOAR, I use Word to re size and print digital images. If that is a program you have and are familiar with, it is easy to use and you don’t need to learn any thing else. ~Diane


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