Watercolor Video Tutorial: Cosmos

Howdy folks! I felt like painting a quick and easy card this morning so I decided to turn on the camera while I made this card:

DCF 1.0

Relax, it’s easy, I’ll take you through all of the steps from sketching the flowers (super easy, no worries there) to painting it in real time. At any point you can pause the video if you need more time to catch up.

Sorry about the abrupt ending there, I have not tried to change the 20 minute record time on my camera yet LOL! So as an overview you will need:

  1. A round brush (I used a #10 but any size between a #6-#10 is fine for this)
  2. Watercolor paints, use what you have, or what your kids have, the childrens watercolors by Prang are actually quite good and only $3 a set! The colors I used were: Ultramarine blue, Aliziran Crimson, cadmium yellow and sap green. Don’t be afraid to try what you have before you buy new.
  3. Watercolor paper. I used a premade watercolor card by Strathmore, Blick has a box of 100 with envelopes for $22 on sale, that’s how I buy mine, it’s great to have them on hand. Or you can just use watercolor paper. Get decent paper though, the above mentioned cards are inexpensive but good quality. Avoid the children’s watercolor paper because it is usually rubbish and will be frustrating to work with.
  4. Painter’s tape if you want tape down your work.
  5. Also you need a pencil and a bucket of water.

DCF 1.0

You can do this, I hope I packed the video with enough tips and techniques to make it worth your while. Comments and feedback are appreciated! If you want to delve into more complex projects please consider one of the watercolor PDF tutorials I have for sale in my shop. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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30 thoughts on “Watercolor Video Tutorial: Cosmos

  1. Wonderful video…I think I will even give this a try as soon as I get some watercolor paint…only have pencils now. I liked your tutorial and you made it look really easy!!!! Thank you so much!
    Paper Hugs,


  2. I love your site. You are so talented. I can not believe how easily you create such beautiful masterpieces. Thanks for sharing these tutorials. Hugs, J’lu


  3. Wow! Your painting is beautiful, and you make it look so easy! I can’t wait to give this a try. I love your videos. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


  4. Hi my Love, I haven’t used watercolors since I was in school, 100 years ago. Now I want to go get some. Beatiful card. tfs Love ya’ Patricia


  5. Lovely card. I am heading down to my “lower studio” (aka the basement) to try my hand at water coloring. I bought some of your other tutorials as well. Thanks for sharing your talents.


  6. WOW!! That is one beautiful gorgeous card…..I have water paints I bought for the grandkids…now I will try to put to go use….now if only I knew how to draw!!!! will definitely have a go at it and like you said it’s only a card, mail it and you,ll never have to see it again!!! Love your train of though!!! Thanks so much for your tips and inspiration!


  7. I really enjoy your watercolor videos! They are so inspiring and the results are beautiful! I did purchase the PDFs from your store, but would prefer to have the videos, as it seems I can follow the video better. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the purchase Steph:) I prefer making videos too but the tutorials are for longer projects, there are more steps and lots of waiting to dry. Don’t worry, I’ll have more video watercolor tutorials coming!


  8. Thanks for the “kick start” Lindsay….that is a beautiful card. I have about 15 large sheets of watercolor paper resting in it’s package under my bed. Those little puppies need to come out of hiding and see some paint. I am really enjoying these tutorials!


  9. One more thing… you DO talk really fast! Can you post something about the brand of watercolor brushes you use? I didn’t catch the name…also, brand of watercolor paints??? Thanks!


  10. Just watched the great w/c video. You make it look so easy. I’m going to try it soon! I know mine will not look as great. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Thanks Lindsay! Long time lurker here and I finally got round to trying this. My picture looks like a talented 8-year-old did it, please tell me I’ll improve with practice… 😉 I found it very hard to get the petals right.

    I moved on to your birch tree tutorial straight afterwards and that looks good even though I don’t have a flat brush or a scraper.

    I’d love to see a tutorial on how to do things like shading, all that basic stuff that you can probably do in your sleep. I’ve never really painted before and I have no idea how to “look” at objects and break them down into light and shade and shapes and so on.


      1. Awesome! Time to stock up on a bunch of tutorials then. 🙂

        I already have the birch trees and the chickadee (and I really want to try that one but I’m waiting until I have more experience than, like, 2 paintings before I tackle it).

        I figure I don’t have to be brilliant to paint Christmas cards for my family and friends, they’ll just be happy I made something for them, right?

        Paint’s very alien to me since I’m used to working with fabric, yarn, polymer clay and resin, but the two paintings I did today were fun and I’d definitely like to do more.


  12. Many thanks for all your fantastic tutorials!! I have been painting in watercolors for a few years… But love your loose style!! I love how you just “do it”‘ and make it sooo much fun!! I purchased several of your tutorials (the fish were not available at the time …think I might check them out!), and love all the hnnts and tips you show. Thank you for putting the fun back into my painting!!!

    Do you paint cats? I would love to see a tutorial on that, and also maybe the beach..sand, sand dunes, water and waves??

    Again….thank you so much for sharing.


  13. Thank you Lindsay! I am a complete novice to watercolor but you inspire me to start making greeting cards instead of buying them.


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