I never said I was a baker…

…but I think my cakes turned out pretty cute!


I was surprised at how many moms told me how yummy the cakes were, I used cake mixes after all, then my husband reminded me of all the whole wheat flour, egg-less, vegan cakes I have made in the past. “It’s just not what they were expecting.” LOL! Haha I had to laugh at that one, I did use fresh eggs from my hens in the cakes, that must have helped too! I did not mind not having cake I could eat around, besides, I’m really only in it for the frosting (which was all vegan by the way! 😀


Yesterday I mentioned that my daughter wanted a horse cake and I had no horse shaped cake pan. Well, I decided to see what I could find on pinterest and Maizy caught me looking “Oh momma, can you make that one!?!” she sequels while looking at a professionally made cake complete with a fondant coat. “uh sweetie, no, that is out of my expertise but I will do my best.” And I must say it was my best, I’m not saying it is great but I gave it the old collage try! When Maizy saw the cake she said, “Mom! you have to put that on Pinterest because it is the prettiest one!”  It is so sweet she thinks that.  Here is how I made the cake in case anyone finds themself in need of a horse cake on short notice:


Bake one box of cake mix in a  9″x13″ pan. Print off a piece of horse clip art (I got mine here at Clicker) and try to find something that will fill the shape of your pan with little waste. Use the scraps to add on parts as needed like I did by taking the part from the head and put it on the neck. Frost and decorate. Don’t try anything fancy, just the basics, I have found if you try something fancy while baking and you don’t know what you are doing you might have a cakewreck. (Thanks to my friend Audrey for showing me this site, I feel better now:) s for Lila’s cake she wanted a big top cupcake and after it was cooked I thought it looked like a beehive and she was good with that.


To get a hive”ish” look I generously frosted the cake and spun it on a lazy Susan while dragging a Popsicle stick in the frosting. Nothing fancy. Then I used the yellow frosting I used for the horse bridle to make the bees. I used all canned icing, I added a bit of confectioners sugar when I needed it a bit stiffer. Royal icing would frost better but I think the Pillsbury icing is tastier and vegan (and less work!) I had to scrounge to fine food coloring (and baking cocoa) to tint the icing but it was all fine. I still can’t believe these cakes took ALL DAY! Did I mention I had to clean the kitchen two whole times? TWO times people! Crazy.


The party was a success, we had over 20 girls playing happily together, some did the party craft, there was chicken chasing, a balloon dart game and or course the pinata. We had a great time and I am absolutely exhausted so So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight…oh and happy crafting!