WOYWW: Pinata!

Howdy folks! I started training for a race today. My son runs cross country for his school and every year they have a “parent race” and I figure what’s good for the goose is good for the gander so I am going to run it. I have 2 goals:

  1. To finish the race and not have a heart attack.
  2. Not to come in dead last.

So today instead of walking my dog I jogged the first 3rd of our route, walked a third and jogged the last third. That might sound impressive but our route is 1/2 mile long. The race is 1.62 miles long.  I had to drag my dog the last third of the way because she is more of a leisure breed I think. Come to think of it I probably am too. My ankles hurt and my lungs burned.  Good times. I am trying to recruit other moms of x-country runners to join me because misery loves company I guess. 🙂 I have to say though, a half an hour after the run I felt really good and had lots of energy the rest of the day too so that is worth a little bit of agony I guess…right? Oh, you did not come hear to read about my running? OK then, here is my work desk this week, my twin daughters birthday is this weekend and here is the pinata we began tonight:


You might wonder why we spend so much time making something that is going to be destroyed (I think that when I see the elaborate food some people cook) well, I’ll tell you:

  1. It is fun to design and make.
  2. It is inexpensive (cardboard and party streamers) and it is nice to save money on the pinata and spend the money on the good fillings!
  3. What kid doesn’t love a pinata?
  4. It is really fun and freeing to make something that you know is temporary, it is liberating!

I was running low on cardboard and had to get creative with this. I just had some new goodies arrive from Papermart today so I used the box as the belly of the pinata (I filled the box chock-a-block full of candy) then I used a panel of flat cardboard for the nose and tail. I had to scrounge clean cardboard from a pizza box to make the fin and some tapering pieces from the box to the ends but who cares, it will all be covered in crepe paper! Man, I love making pinatas!  If only I could figure out how to put the squiggle over the “a” whenever I spell pinata….

Do you want to see what other craft folk have on their desks today? Well hop over the Julia’s blog The Stamping Ground for more WOYWW fun! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

28 thoughts on “WOYWW: Pinata!

  1. 1st good luck in the race! I think it’s great that you are going to do it! (i need to start running or at least walking…) 2nd so awesome that you are making your girls a pinata!! and a dolphin at that!!
    Happy WOYWW
    -Tera #3


  2. We learned to have pinatas that didn’t represent animals. My granddaughter loves flamingos and insisted on a flamingo pinata. She swung away at it along with the best of them … but when it broke she was devistated. It’s head and neck remained in the tree while the body fell to the ground. She sat on the ground, caressing the “feathers” of the body sobbing. I searched the web for a flamingo stuffed toy. The one I found was obscenely expensive, but Of Course I had to buy it for her. She is a teenager now and I think she still has that flamingo.


  3. Good for you Lindsay!!! Your piñata (say, that tilde just appeared when I typed the word piñata – cool!!!!) is going to be wonderful and the twins will love hitting it to get the goodies – wish I could be there to see it – hope you will share pictures!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  4. Interesting. I would have thought the cardboard wouldn’t break apart easy enough but I guess the taped sections would – you don’t want it to be Too easy 🙂

    Some fonts do have alternate characters, think it’s some combo of special characters to trigger the squiggle, but I’ve never sorted it out on my Mac keyboard either 🙂

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (30)


  5. Mornin’ Lindsay! Sounds like some good times in your near future! Good luck with the race and the party:)

    Oh, to get the ñ; Go to “insert” on the top menu and click on symbols. Then scroll down until you find it and then just click insert. It’ll be put right where your cursor is blinking.

    Glad I could give you a tip:)

    Enjoy your day!



  6. Oh goodness – that is excellent…. the running AND the pinata 😀
    I wish you all the best in your training and have a great party 😀

    Happy WOYWW 223

    IKE in Greece #91 xxxxxxxxxxx


  7. Very kewl making a hand made piñata! I thought they had to be made out of paper maché but cardboard seems a better way look forward to seeing it all done hugs Nikki 10


  8. Good for you on the running another way to be a great example to your kids, although I really thought you had them all covered, lol! That pinata will be awesome! ~Diane


  9. good luck with the marathon, doesn’t sound like your dog will be up for it though!!.Nothing beats new goodies… hope you get the chance to enjoy soon.the piñata is fab and well done recycling packaging .


  10. One of my daughters and her hubby are marathon runners. In fact, Joey ran the Boston Marathon in 2012. He wa suppose to run it in 2013 but was in Kuwait instead. Their 8 year old son has done two kids triatholons. I’m more like you, a walker, not a runner!
    Pinatas are great fun! Fun to make, fun to destroy!


  11. I love this..I’ve often considered making one but didn’t know how to go about it. I worried the kids couldn’t break it open. Good for you setting your goals and preparing. Your a good Mom!


  12. I think it’s awesome that you are going to run too! What a great example you are. And the pinata looks like fun. Only a crafter knows what to do when you run out of the original material. And you have twin daughters? You are an extra-special mommy! Have a great WOYWW week! Rasz #125


  13. Wow, I am so impressed. And here I am just trying to walk! No laughing when you read my post…

    You are a great writer, interesting and oh so funny. Off to check out some other posts.


  14. I thought the squiggle went over the n to indicate that it’s a ‘ny’ sound…. Either ways..it’s a fab model and huge, will take a lot of filling, but I guess if you have twins, they have a lot of guests! how fun..I had to look two or three times at the phot, it looks like a cartoon to me!


  15. Hi Lindsay, I had to look up pinata to find out what it is – we don’t do pinatas in Scotland but maybe we should 🙂 My tip for getting the word typed correctly is to open a search engine, type in pinata and click on any link where the word is correct then copy and paste, e.g. piñata, tada! Don’t you just love Google 🙂 Have a great weekend, hope you rope others into enjoying the misery with you. Elizabeth x #55


  16. Great Pinata always fun to make things for the children’s party and they appreciate it more. As for cross country, no way in hell would I participate so good for you for joining in. I walk enough Ks every day with work there is now way I will run for school. LOL My children are actually adults now 27 & 18 the youngest about to finish secondary college.

    Have a great party time and wish the children happy birthday.

    Hugs Eliza
    Belated WOYWW greetings


  17. OH, oh, oh! I’ve been looking for a dolphin this exact size for a quilt for a dear friend. Can you tell me were you go the basic shape of the dolphin ie clip art or did you draw it out memory?


    1. I just drew it from memory but you could google “dolphin coloring page” and find something I’m sure:)


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