Honestly, I started to clean but…..

Seriously, I went into my craft room to clean and organize it today but fun projects kept happening! It started when I was trying to wash glitter off my silicone molds and well, if you have ever tried to get glitter off silicone you know. Nothing sticks to silicone except glitter and embossing powder it seems, so to clean it off I covered the mold with hot glue and smashed it down on the most convient scrap of paper (an old book page) but when I lifted it up it was so cool! I had to make something with it…right?

DCF 1.0

So then I had to pull out some markers, spray ink, paper and envelope templates because you can’t make a card without an envelope right?

DCF 1.0

What is a girl to do? I know, turn on my video camera (hey it’s still on my table from my last video) and film the madness!

And that is what you call trash to treasure my friends. You’re welcome:) All right, tomorrow I’ll clean, yep, I will clean while the Patriots are on, no distractions…hey, is that glitter over there? I’d better go check, til next time happy crafting!

22 thoughts on “Honestly, I started to clean but…..

  1. What a fun idea! I have used school glue in the molds before, but never hot glue….cool! Love the inside of the card decorated- and love the envelope to match!


  2. The same thing happens to me when I start cleaning, Lindsay! Thai’s how I discover more techniques. Thanks for posting this. At the moment I have the hot glue ready to glue some flowers on my finished canvases, so I’ll just use the itty bit that’s let to make a couple of butterflies or ferns – and maybe stick them on my canvas too!

    Carmen L


  3. Those embellishments are really neat, especially with the book page. I have an Asian paperback novel that I want to use pages from, but have been afraid to use it since I have no idea what it says. With my luck, I might offend someone!


  4. A grate idea to use hot glue !! I love it ! So easy but very unusual for people !! I am making some earrings with it and it’s so nice and not heavy at all ! (Soon on my blog in French and English).
    Thanks for the tip !!!


  5. You’re a true innovator, Lindsay! Thanks for this great idea. Loved this video! I laughed all the way through to the big ta-da finish!! You’re a hoot! Keep on crafting and sharing. We love it!


  6. You are one amazing lady, I would have never thought of this. Really love all your videos and this one was truly exceptional especially the “TA-DA” at the end. Ok now down to the craft room to do some ‘cleaning”. Thanks you again


  7. Maybe you could help me. I am starting to make some Christmas cards but my stamping doesn’t show right. The background is too dark (reds or greens) and my inks look fade and of course I can’t use red on red. The pigment inks do not work at all and the distress are better but not as bright as I would want to.
    Any hint ??? Help !!


    1. Hi Chris,
      Have you tried stamping with household bleach? Simply fold a paper towel on a plate and saturate the towel with bleach and use that as an inkpad and stamp on colored cardstock. The paper where you stamped will be bleached out to white or a light color! Then you can leave it as is or color the image! Colored pencils and chalk will show up on dark cardstock nicely:) Good luck!


  8. ok that is really cool!!!!!
    Jackie P
    I am packing..sorting..cleaning and moving…and looking for job all at same time!!! Let’s explain how far I getting…NOT


  9. I really like these!!…So glad you didn’t clean and shared it w/ us. I recently bought the Mod Podge molds and sticks and had only tried making one thing–the owl. It turned out great. But I like not having to be so careful w/ this method you’ve come up with, plus it is very artsy-fartsy–LOL–and I like that.


  10. Do you know if you can use the Wilton silicone molds for fondant? A lot of cool shapes there too. LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos, they give me so many ideas I never knew I wanted!!

    Sent from my iPad


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