Give Momma the Glow Sticks and Nobody Gets hurt LOL!

TGIF (Thank Goodness I’m Fabulous!) and you will be too when you make gorgeous beads from glow-stick tubes:

DCF 1.0

These beads were made from the stiff protective tubes that skinny glow-sticks come in, you know the black tube that keeps the glow-sticks from cracking before they are ready to use. You can use any tube you like though, even drinking straws but they won’t be a rigid as the tubes glow sticks come in. Watch the video to see the process:

It is a pretty easy craft, first you cut a piece of tube the length you want your bead to be, Cover it with paper (I used the painted rice paper scraps leftover from the rice paper earrings I made on Tuesday) and give it a coat of Mod-podge or glue and let it dry:

DCF 1.0

Then embellish with wire, beads and bead caps. It is a great use for leftovers, you can even wrap scraps of ribbon or pretty string around them! (Great, another excuse to hoard our scraps LOL!)

DCF 1.0

I hope you enjoyed this project and give it a try yourself. If you have any questions just leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

10 thoughts on “Give Momma the Glow Sticks and Nobody Gets hurt LOL!

  1. Oh Lindsay you are so great. Love these was trying to figure out how to finish off my butterfly necklace I crocheted with beads on it and you solved it for me. Love You !


  2. These earrings are beautiful! Your tutorials are such a pleasure to watch. I always learn something, and (unfortunately) often end up buying things from your sponsors, so I hope they appreciate you.


  3. Great idea! We have a bunch of black plastic tubes that come from rolls of “pet cleanup baggies”. My daughter has saved them all and I see some paper/Mod Podge beads in my future…..
    Thank you!


  4. Great idea! I’ll have to see if the glo-sticks my daughter buys for her boys have those black tubes. I love a recycling craft too. I hate throwing things into the trash.


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