Green with Envy! Faux Jade with Resin!

Howdy friends! I hope everyone in the states is enjoying a nice Labor Day, I am hoping the weather clears up so we can take the kids to the fair, I think it will, positive thinking right? The other day I was playing with a bunch of the resin pieces I had previously cast. I really liked the green frame I made in the Martha Stewart Mold and wanted to make a pendant with it. I did not want to drill holes so I tried some wire wrapping:

DCF 1.0

I have to say that wire wrapping resin is much easier than wrapping glass or stone, it has a bit more grab to it. I also wrapped the earrings:

DCF 1.0

I used 20 gauge copper wire for the weight bearing wraps and accented it with a lighter 24 gauge wire for interest. I made the top loop of the pendant 2 wraps thick for added strength.

DCF 1.0

To get the jade appearance I added a pea sized dab of light green Liquitex heavy body paint to 1 oz of resin and a small scoop of gold pearl ex. Add this to the resin before the catalyst so you have time to mix before it hardens. If using polyester resin as I did add an extra drop or 2 of catalyst to compensate for the moisture in the paint.  After you unmold it file off any rough spots or overfill with a nail file. Dust with peal ex if desired. Follow up with a coat of water-based clear sealer like Future Floor Wax or Mod Podge and let dry before making the jewelry.  The sealer will bring back the shine lost when you sanded the edges and lock in the extra peal-ex.  Also, sometime polyester resin remains tacky on the side exposed to the air so the sealer will remedy that as well. The three dark green beads directly under the frame were made by recycling stained glass remnants and working them with the torch! I love recycling! Just a note, if you are lamp-working with stained glass remnants do not mix them with the Italian rods because they have a different EOE.

DCF 1.0

I really like the effect of the colored resin to mimic stone. It is really fun to work with and it gives you new options for the clay molds you have hanging around. If you have any questions please leave a comment and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “Green with Envy! Faux Jade with Resin!

  1. While green is not my fave color, these are lovely. Where do you get all your time to craft, and make us videos? You must never sleep.


  2. Hi, Lindsay.
    The Labour Day weather here in Canada is not the best either, but at least it’s not raining yet! Yesterday’s weather more than made up for today.
    Love these pieces. When I look at that beautiful neck pendant frame, I also see Asian and Irish possibilities . You’re on to another great craft here — your creativity is endless. TFS


  3. Have you tried squirting hot glue from your hot glue gun into your molds yet? Really fun and easy. Plus the results are soft and pliable.


  4. Wow! Those look like the stuff you would find in the fancy little shops! And after reading the comment about using colored glue sticks to make embellishments, I might have to purchase some molds to play with. 🙂


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