Fun With Wrapping Paper!

Wrapping paper comes in so many beautiful and trendy designs. There is more you can do with the inexpensive rolls beside wrap presents:

DCF 1.0

I got this beautiful wrapping paper from Papermart, they carry a large selection of wrapping paper and they also have it in consumer friendly 15 feel long rolls. With the kids going back to school next week I thought I’d share how to cover a textbook, hey, it beats a brown paper bag! You can also use your leftover scraps of paper to line envelopes and I’ll show you how to do that too!

Other Wrapping Paper ideas!

  • Cover storage boxes for a uniform look
  • Cover a table at a party,
  • Line the back of book shelves for a fast update.
  • Put it in a large frame under glass for a DIY dry erase board.
  • Mat your children’s art with it.
  • Decoupage wooden furniture with it! Paint the furniture white and adhere the paper with Mod-Podge then seal with another coat of Mod-Podge.
  • Make bookmarks and other paper crafts.
  • Paper party hats!
  • Iron it to freezer paper and make sturdy gift bags.
  • Make a card to match a present you wrapped in the same paper. 
  • Cover a door at a party or for Christmas or other holiday.

I bet you can think of more ideas too! If you come up with some please share by leaving a comment below! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Fun With Wrapping Paper!

  1. Awesome ideas for using gift wrap!! When I was a kid eons ago we had to cover our textbooks…didn’t know they still do that in school. The beautiful floral pattern you use here–LOVE LOVE- is way better than brown Kraft paper.


  2. Hi Lindsay, I searched and found the Art Technique Handbook you referenced in this project. It is available at Better World Books for only $3.98, no shipping. The newer version comes right up, but if you are patient and browse, I did find the one you recommended. Thanks, as always, for your videos and wisdom. Kim


  3. Thanks for the ideas, Lindsay. For many years, I have bought rolls of white tablecloth paper from Party Mart here in Canada, and used it to wrap Christmas gifts. Once the gifts were wrapped, I stamped, painted, stickered, tagged and beribboned in colours that matched the room decor. The huge rolls of paper last for a Christmas season or two. It ‘s cost effective and fun — a great opportunity for creativity.


  4. That was so great to see. It took me back to my school years when we covered ALL our books. We used regular brown paper bags, then decorated it with our own “stuff”. It was so much fun, but this looks like fun too with all the creative wrapping papers available….Cheers..Gigi


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