Win a signed copy of The Rainbow Pants!

Howdy friends! Yesterday Kelly Brooks Bay (the author of the Rainbow Pants) and I (the illustrious illustrator) had a book signing…a darn early book signing might I add.  The event was from 9-10am about 20 minutes away, no prob I thought, I’ll leave at about 8:35 and have plenty of time. Well, Kelly knows me all to well (Lindsay will be late and she won’t bring a pen) and offered to pick me up. The phone rings at the crack of dawn (AKA 6:50am) and I dive for it as not to wake up my husband of kids and it is Kelly letting me know what time she is picking me up:

“Hey Lindsay, it’s Kelly, we have to be there 30 minutes early so I’ll pick you up at 7:45”

“What? Seriously? You have got to be kidding.” Said the undercaffeinated illustrator.

“Ah, OK, well, I’m not sure where we are going but I’ll push it to 7…maybe a bit later.”

“Awesome!” I’m telling you, I have the temperamental artist act down pat! And look, here I am (rocking the cell-phone self portrait) at 7am sitting on my porch, drinking cup #3 and waiting for my ride:


And let the record show we had plenty of time! Unfortunately the harsh early morning sun (aka 8:35am) was not as flattering here:


The school we signed books at was so cute! It was a historic building with high tin ceilings and lots of sunlight. I love the farm mural in the background on this photo of Kelly reading The Rainbow Pants:


Look, We are rocking the hand held cell phone portrait.  I really need to become famous because I have this skill down…photos with fans, oh yes! Not sure what I’d become famous for though…I wonder if many illustrators get recognized walking down the street…probably not…oh well.


Sorry about the blurry pic here, I handed my phone to someone else to get this picture of us at the book signing table.


Here is another pic of Kelly with her book, you’re welcome Kelly! 😀


How would you like to win a signed copy of The rainbow Pants? Well all you need to do is leave a comment on THIS POST on Kelly’s blog and she will pick a winner at random. You have to leave a comment on her blog to win but feel free to leave a comment here at say howdee-do too! I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my glamorous life hahahaha and til next time happy crafting!

34 thoughts on “Win a signed copy of The Rainbow Pants!

  1. Loved this little delightful peak into your book signing event. (also loved the farm mural and play area). If I were to win a copy of your book, I would donate to my local library so many children would have a chance to read it.


  2. You are beautiful in all of your purple glory. I agree, it was way too early for a signing or anything else; but, you pulled it off with style.


  3. Since I am a retired preschool teacher and have THREE grandchildren in that age range, I think I deserve to win a copy of your book! LOL. I love your blog, Lindsay and look forward to someday seeing your book in person! (I’m still trying to figure out how to bind off the popsickle stick knitting!)


    1. Hi Andree, I think I replied to your comment before but there are two ways to bind off the knitting. You can cut the tail 12″ and thread on a yarn needle and draw the yarn through each stitch or you can put the stitches on a knitting needle and bind off traditionally, if you don’t know how check out this video: and skip to 7:00 to see how to bind off:)


  4. You are so lovely one these pictures !!!! I love the way your hair are !!
    You are a fabulous, a very famous illustrator (look how many people follow you every day!!!) !!! Congrats !!!


  5. Hello Lyndsay,
    You look just wonderfull in your dress…real ‘glam’…off to Hollywood!! :o)
    What great fun to have a book signing in a school.


  6. What fun! I loved your blog today. Just my style. Can’t wait to read my autographed copy of The Rainbow Pants to my grandson. Tee hee. Just in case I don’t happen to win, where can I buy it? You are amazing.


  7. Hi Lindsay,
    Congratulations on the wonderful new book! I left Kelly a note, too. It must feel very rewarding to share your book with a group of children. Just seeing their reactions to the story and your illustrations must be one of the sweetest rewards of all! ♡


  8. All of that in one day? (I do recall those days too). Love the book, and the pix of the two of you. How do you manage to look so awake sitting on the porch soooo earlly? Seriously, congrats and just for the record, my little group would certainly recognize you on the street! Really look forward to your daily ideas! Take care, Judth


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