Easy Clay Embellishments!

Howdy folks! I hope your Monday is going well. Mine is! Remember the kitchen floor DIY job I dived into and completely botched back in May?  (If not you can read about it here.)  Well today I called in the professionals and I have a wicked sharp (pronounced “wikid shaaap” for those of you not in Maine) black and white checkered floor. It is totally 50’s diner and I love it. I’ll share a pic once I wipe down my white cabinets (which look infinitely grosser next to the new floor.) 😀 Just keepin’ it real folks. While the floor guys worked their magic I worked mine in my studio. i made some clay embellishments, it is totally easy, have a look. OK, in all honesty this video should only tale 30 seconds but I offer a lot of beginner tips, do’s and don’ts and what-have-yous.

Easy huh? Condition, smoosh, stamp, bake. I guess I didn’t need to make that video huh? Hey, be sure to check back tomorrow, i have a stamp set giveaway and a project using the clay embellishments. Til then happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “Easy Clay Embellishments!

  1. Nice video. I have been creating with Polymer clay for years. I bake them on aluminum foil line cookie sheet and it never leaves a mark of any kind on the back. I also bake them in my oven…not a toaster oven. Also I take them out of the oven about 25 seconds before the allocated time they suggest. If you leave them on the cookie tray for to cool they will actually continue to bake without the intense heat of the oven.


  2. I am so glad that you reminded me about all the polymer clay I have that needs to be used! I never thought about inking the stamp for a better image. I made a whole pile of marbleized beads a while back and my son snagged them all. Boo Hoo, time to make more! Thanks for the tips.


  3. As always a very interesting video. I have never tried to work with clay but after watching you I must admit I’m very tempted to try it. I love your videos and listening to you. You and I are neighbors as i live in New Brunswick. Maybe someday we will meet each other in person. Have a great day.


  4. Great idea. I have a drawer full of polymer clay I bought for next to nothing when a friend of mine gave it up. I made a few things, covered a few pens, and then went on to other crafts. Time to get back to it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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