Well, that’s something, all right…

…because nothing says “classy” like your very own wearable beer bottle cap accessories.

DCF 1.0

I had to make something with my resin bottle cap experiments seeing that they all cured nice and glassy, well not counting the ones with my impatient fingerprint (and fingernail) marks in them. 😀

DCF 1.0

I made rings and barrettes…hmm, do adult women wear barrettes very often because no mother in their right mid is going to let their daughter wear a beer bottle cap barrette…they might be hard to sell…. where would one wear these creations?

DCF 1.0

Oh well…these might end up in my craft fair bargain bin but I bet the rings would come in handy in a  bar fight, hey! That is probably the perfect place to wear them!

DCF 1.0

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out my glass bottle cutter and make me a set of fine beer bottle drinking glasses to match! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “Well, that’s something, all right…

  1. These are so cute. You will think of some good way to use them…maybe cover the back with a circle of felt, or a circle of paper and paint a little flower on the paper or use scrapbook paper.

    I always enjoy your posts. I get a lot of good information out of them.


  2. I agree with Glenda above, you will find a way to use them. It is cool to see the whole resin thing though. My daughter was making bottle cap jewelry using the little clear epoxy round stickers, but they do not work well if you add anything with dimension, so resin would be a good alternative. Thank you for sharing!


  3. They look awesome! I love all the cute things you put in them. I’m totally making them for my niece for Christmas (maybe with soda bottle caps- she’s 5).


  4. They turned out great. Don’t you feel good now that you did it. I have been trying my best to use tools and “stuff” I have had for years as my summer goal. Doing fairly well, and it feels good. Love all that you share and thanks for the intro to WOYWW. Kim


  5. Maybe you could emboss them in silver to cover the beer logos and that would make them more appropriate for your younger buyers and their mothers. Just a thought – would hate to think you went to all that work and then were not able to sell them!!!


  6. Budweiser has gorgeous blue bottles. I was given a slew of them and am going to melt them down to make spoon holders and might have to invest in beads to decorate the ends.


  7. a lot of people glue bales on the back of the bottle caps and use them as necklaces, or if you smash them or buy them already smashed, you get rid of the sharp points and they look nicer. I can’t remember the name of it now, but if you run it through this kid version of a diecut machine – has a bug on it – it gets rid of the sharp points and they look nicer. HTH


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