How to make a ring from wire {and it’s fancy!}

Howdy folks! Does your art and crafts reflect your environment? Mine always seems to. My son was off to camp this week so it was just me and the girls during the day, we hung out in the craft room creating and watching the show “Once Upon A Time” on Netflix. They worked on dozens of pearler bead coasters and I made these:

DCF 1.0

Well a lot more actually, they are addicting and very easy to make. But if flowers aren’t your thing you can use whatever beads, charms or embellishments you like. Here is how I made the rings and earrings too!

I only used the leaf beads on one because I could not get them to hold tight without wiggling.

DCF 1.0

I think these will sell well at my next craft fair, they will look great with my enchanted fairy bubble wands I think! All the beads I used (except the leaves which were from a  kit in the dollar bin at Joann fabrics) were from Fire Mountain Gems.

DCF 1.0

And since I used acrylic beads the earrings are very light, light enough for children to wear!

DCF 1.0

I hope you give this project a try! Let me know if you have any questions and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “How to make a ring from wire {and it’s fancy!}

  1. YAY!! I bought the same beads at the local store for $.50 – bought two because they were cheap – and haven’t figured what to do with them…now I know 3 neighbor little girls and my grand-daughter that are about to start school that are going to get some rings to wear! (2 will be 6 next week!) thanks for the great tutorial…makes me want to get my ears pierced…tried it got bad infections..not an earring person but I am sure if you put it on a chain, it would look great! Thanks you’re the best!


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