WOYWW Another Week, Another Mess!

Hello folks! For those of you following along in my resin adventure I am happy to report that after 3 days my resin is hard and glassy, it was bit dicey for a while and it didn’t help that I kept visiting my creations and poking them to see if they were cured yet. Note to self: KEEP YOUR GRIMY PAWS OFF THE RESIN! So for those of you at home who want specifics it took 3 days to cure my polyester resin (mixed per package directions) with a room temperature around 70 and humidity at 66%. Higher temperature and lower humidity would have taken less time I suspect. Hey, here is a fun fact, thicker pieces take less time to cure, it seems that resin makes it’s own heat that speeds it’s curing process, Good to know. Also, don’t stick your fingernails in the resin to see if it cured…just sayin. BTW it is What’s on your workdesk Wednesday! On my desk are some bottle-cap resin rings and barrettes I just glued, paint from a project I just finished and other assorted supplies…

DCF 1.0

But wait, there’s more! I can’t even sit down in here, it is madness I tell you!

DCF 1.0

Crafty fun madness that is:) Want to join the crafty fun? Head on over to Julia’s blog the Stamping Ground and see for yourself! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “WOYWW Another Week, Another Mess!

  1. I’ve been wanting to make bottle cap magnets for stocking stuffers for years now. Yours look co cute and colorful drying there. Maybe this is the year!


  2. Now I’m ever so glad I sprung for the little bottle from Lisa Pavelka, with a coupon of course! since it sets up so quickly…I haven’t the patience to not poke something erratically and unmercifully for 3 whole days! lol Love to see your craft room, always, as it seems like there is something happening on every surface…you make me feel like I should be waaaaaay more productive! lol 🙂 It’s good though to be prodded, even if only in my imagination! 🙂 Hope you can come see my explosion this week. It’s really a sight! lol Deeyll #51


  3. well done you that a lot of fabulous resin caps ,they look fab goo d luck with the next lot now you know what not to do tee hee have fab week and thanks for sharing such a fab crafty desk andrea #42


  4. I’m like you and hopeless at waiting for things like glossy accents etc to dry and end up with finger prints everywhere. Your bottlecap creations all look fabulous. Have a great week and Happy WOYWW! Danie #14


  5. Funnily enough I dragged out three bottlecaps yesterday for use on a project. Got as far as colouring the inside with a Sharpie then got sidetracked. Now, if I can only find them on my desk…. 🙂

    Happy (still catching up) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (28)


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