Let’s get to know your wire $ beads!

…Getting to know you, getting to know all about you….was I singing again? Oh well, sorry, today I have a fun and easy project that any beginner jewelry maker can do. I know working with wire can be a bit intimidating, sometimes it looks great, sometimes it looks sloppy and it is hard for a beginner to get a uniform look…until today. The only technique you need to know is making a wrapped loop and I will teach you that so you can make this lovely bracelet.

DCF 1.0

I used my new beads from Oriental Trading Company and 20 gauge copper wire. For tools you will need a pair of round nose pliers and side cutters or a 3 in 1 tool. I recommend when you begin jewelry making to invest in a nice spring loaded 3 in 1 tool, it has round nose plies, a side cutter and a flat smooshy part (that’s technical terminology), these do not need to be expensive but try them out if you can because you will use them in almost every project! Ready? Let’s get started! Feel free to pause the video or replay anytime you need to. I zoomed in pretty close while I was working but you can always watch the video in full screen mode for greater detail.

I hope you are no longer scared of wire. If you want some cheap wire to practice with you can get thin galvanized steel wire from the hardware store for a couple of bucks. Copper will bend like a dream one you are used to steel. ๐Ÿ˜€

DCF 1.0

Another fun surprise was that after I made the bracelet in the video I connected it to the sushi bracelet I made earlier and viola! a reversible necklace! (a nice option for up-selling at craft fairs too!)

DCF 1.0

I hope you give this technique a try, you can practice with whatever beads you have on hand. If you have any questions let me know and as always happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Let’s get to know your wire $ beads!

  1. That is sooooooo nice!! I might build up enough courage and make an attempt to make a bracelet! I had bought all the beads and accessories and even signed up for some classes. Unfortunately the day of my first class, the whole place burned to the ground!! Everyone in town was in shock and I never attempted on my own. I don’t think they will ever reopen…they had such beautiful beads too!! what a shame! Love the beads you have! You did make me think of the jewellery I got as a gift and never wear because I have a big wrist and it doesn’t fit…I can always attempt to add on a link…hmm you are my inspiration!! great stuff thanks!


    1. I hope you try the bracelets with your beads, you cannot hurt the beads, if you don’t like the way they look you can snip the wire and set them free and try again of do something else with them, don’t worry about wasting them or doing it wrong because you have wire cutters, it’s like a beading undo button:)


  2. I love beading but haven’t done it for awhile – which hubby reminded me of not too long ago…hint, hint, you have the supplies, use them! So many projects, so little time.


  3. Thank you!!! this video was a GREAT help…I could not figure out how the added link were done…and now I do..big thanks for this video..


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